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DynCorp International Provides Training Education Officer Course

DynCorp International (DI) embedded police mentors working in support of the Afghanistan National Police/Ministry of Interior Development Program (AMDP) worked with Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) officers to develop a specialized Training Education Officer Course in Southern Afghanistan. The course was developed to improve field training across the province by providing specialized training to AUP officers in the field.

The “train the trainer” course of instruction, by design, provides the AUP training officers and non-commissioned officers a base level of operational training to conduct police operations courses in the field. The course teaches AUP officers how to properly teach the police curriculum, including how to organize, research, and lay out lesson plans. Trainees are also mentored in techniques for addressing groups and documenting students’ progress.

“Through this specialized course we are able to equip the Afghan police who have been trained by DI’s embedded police mentors to pass on their knowledge to Afghan police recruits in the field,” said Robert Rahn, DynCorp International Program Support Coordinator. “We cover all topics from developing budgets to operating and managing training centers to help the AUP eventually become self-sustaining.”

A number of non-commissioned officers and officers from throughout Kandahar participated in the inaugural one-week session. Once completed, course graduates received a certification for excellence in training for field operations.

“This ‘train the trainer’ course epitomizes the exact goal of the AMDP program. We’ve seen the AUP take ownership of their training and successfully apply what they’ve learned in the field,” said Robert Rahn. “The DI AMDP team takes pride in being able to support the AUP’s long-term success.”

One DynCorp International embedded police mentor commented, “The Afghan trainers taught the class in a highly proficient and professional manner.  We saw the class evolve into a training effort that would be adopted by the Afghans and continued in future training across the province.”

DynCorp International and the AMDP Program

Under the AMDP program, DI provides executive level mentoring, instructor training and certification, field training, and logistics across Afghanistan. DI executive mentors coach senior Afghan officials with a focus on leadership, management and ethical decision-making skills, and have mentored leaders at the Ministerial level.

DI trainers teach and certify Afghan police instructors in a “train-the-trainer” program, conducting most training hands-on for hundreds of Afghan instructors who are responsible for tens of thousands of Afghan National Police. With a cadre of skilled Afghan trainers in place, when Coalition trainers leave Afghanistan an enduring training capability remains.

Training topics include: basic training, border training, advanced police training, special police training (SWAT), criminal investigations, staff officer training and curriculum development. DI trainers also teach and evaluate Afghan police units on their field operations by visiting locations throughout Afghanistan.

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