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DynCorp International Supports PeacePlayers International

DynCorp International is a proud supporter of PeacePlayers International (PPI).

PPI’s mission is to “unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities through basketball” and was established on the premise that “children who play together can learn to live together.”

About PeacePlayers International

Founded in 2001, PeacePlayers International runs year-round, world-wide programs in countries such as South Africa, Israel and the West Bank, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. Their peace building and leadership development curriculum uses basketball to teach children how to improve their own communities through PPI’s unifying principles of bridging divides, developing leaders and changing perceptions.

PPI has helped more than 52,000 young people by following its credo of using basketball to grow young people into confident adults and future leaders. It has recruited more than 66 percent of its staff from the targeted communities being served and has trained more than 400 coaches for its programs. The New Jersey Nets NBA basketball organization is also forming an official association with PPI.

How DI Helps

Through it’s annual fundraiser, DynCorp International’s sponsorship supports the local and international work of PeacePlayers International. As a global government services provider in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives, delivering support solutions for defense, diplomacy, and international development, DI aims to partner with organizations with similar goals.

DI aims to support programs and efforts that benefit:

  • Veterans of the U.S. Military
  • Law Enforcement Veterans
  • Global Education

Global Community Development

Learn more about how DynCorp International supports PPI and other charitable organizations by following DynCorp International on Twitter.

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