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DynCorp International Targets UK Expansion

DynCorp International has announced that it is planning a major expansion in the United Kingdom. DI has a broad history operating globally, providing highly complex logistics, fleet management and through-life supply chain solutions.

Based in London, DynCorp International (UK) has been established as a new company pursuing opportunities in Europe and Africa.

DI operates more than 100 programmes worldwide, including the maintenance of the air wing that transports U.S. political leaders. Additionally, at the peak of its Afghanistan commitment, DI had 19,000 people maintaining vehicles used by coalition forces; organizing road and air movement of equipment; providing facilities on military bases; and training and mentoring Afghan military and government personnel.  Wider global operations include aerial firefighting of wildfires and support to disaster and emergency relief.

Announcing the move during a program of launch events in London, DI president Chris Bernhardt set two priorities for the UK: “First, we already maintain some 200 types of aircraft and 80 types of military vehicles at more than 100 locations around the world, so we will focus on opportunities to use this experience in the UK. Secondly, we will capitalise on our long record of building and operating facilities both in home base areas and in hazardous locations overseas.”

Major General Ian Copeland, who left the British Army earlier this year, has been appointed as the Company’s first UK Managing Director. He is being supported by a newly recruited team with significant experience in UK Defence.

DI’s plans were welcomed by Michael Fallon, the Minister for Business, when he opened the Company’s head office in Mayfair earlier this week, saying: “The UK Government is delighted that DynCorp International sees the business potential here in the UK and that you are bringing your investment to these shores.”

Bernhardt ended his UK visit with a ceremony with Defence Minister Philip Dunne to sign the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, the Company’s commitment to supporting current and former members of the Armed Forces.

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  1. Elmar Sarangaya says

    Dear Sir,
    I’m ex dyncorp employee for 5 years. Do you have open jobs here in central London or somewhere in uk?

    Respectfully yours,

  2. Carol Marchant says

    Do you have a team working in Chad staying at the Ledher Plaza N’Djamena as I’m trying to verify someone’s identity who says they work for you

  3. Ian Andrew says

    Hi there , I’m working in Glasgow but looking for a career with dyncorp. Over 20 years warehouse/yard experience. What vacancies are they? How do I get a lot more information? And salary too? Thanks . To start new career next year

  4. jenni otoo says

    Good Afternoon
    My name is Jennifer Otoo. i have been talking to a man called Ronnie Cauthen or Cauthen Ronnie who works for Dyncorp int but is based in turkey could someone find out if hes stationed there

    many thanks

    J otoo

    • DynCorp International says

      Jennifer, we don’t have anyone working in Turkey. However, even if we did, if anyone online asks you for money, it is based on a scam.

  5. Aimee collard says

    Hiya I’ve been talking to a man called george joel walker he said he was working new your and hes asking for my information to give to your company

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