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DynCorp International Team Featured in Stars and Stripes

A recent article from Stars and Stripes credits DynCorp International’s heath care provider, Onsite OHS, for saving the life of an Afghan man.

Onsite OHS works as a subcontractor with DI to provide health care to team members in Afghanistan.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Abdul Aman Hirjartullah, a 26-year-old Afghan trash hauler and father of two, was bitten in the leg by one of the many dogs roaming the country. Fearing that the dog was rabid, Hirjartullah went first to the local bazaar for treatment but none was available. His next stop was Forward Operating Base (FOB) Apache where he encountered OHS Medic Cory Kraus who knew immediately that rabies treatment was needed.

Typical rabies treatment involves a tetanus shot, an antibiotic, and a series of Rabivert rabies vaccine, all of which were available and administered. What was not easily obtainable says the article was HRIG, or human rabies immune globulin. The medicine is only available at a few medical facilities in Afghanistan, needs to be handled properly and can cost up to $1,200 per dose.

However, Kraus knew that HRIG would be essential in saving Hirjartullah’s life because he had never received an anti-rabies vaccine.

Commitment and Cooperation Save Lives

Kraus’ supervisor, physician assistant, Bill Weiss of FOB Tarin-Kowt, coordinated with the hospital on Kandahar Air Field that had the medicine.

Weiss worked with a colleague at OHS, Mark Caplin, who manages all the OHS medics in the Kandahar region. In about half a day, Caplin had the HRIG delivered to Kraus who administered it to his patient.

Weiss commented on the coordination efforts saying it was “truly an impressive example of civilian-military cooperation” that very likely saved the Afghan’s life.

DI Cares

DynCorp International teams take great pride in going the extra mile to continually meet the company’s core values: We serve, We care, We empower, We perform, and We do the right thing, always.

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