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DynCorp International Team Members Celebrate Career of Program Manager, Russell Chadd

Russ Retirement 047After serving as the DynCorp International program manager for the U.S. Army’s Field and Installation Readiness Support Team (FIRST) program at Fort Campbell, Ky., DynCorp International team members celebrated the 30-year career of Russell Chadd.

“Russ always exceeded his commitments, delighted our customers and took care of our employees,” said George Krivo, DynCorp International senior vice president, DynLogistics.

More than 200 DI team members attended a special ceremony for Chadd, where several DI leaders and colleagues expressed their gratitude for his many achievements and contributions to the company.

A History of Aviation and Logistics Support

In his time at DI, Chadd worked on a variety of programs within aviation and logistics, including in the early days of the Contract Field Teams (CFT) program. Chadd reminisced on his work within the CFT program, which he cites as one of his most memorable positions at DI.

“I helped managed the CFT teams throughout Europe, where we served in several sites including Germany and the Balkans,” said Chadd. “We supported the U.S. Army through the Gulf War, deploying, transitioning and unloading aircraft.”

Adapting for an Ever-Changing World

“In my years at DI, I’ve seen a number of organizational changes – from its time as Dynalectron to being an employee-owned company to being publicly traded, to where we are today,” commented Chadd. “Each change was significant – but all for the better as we grew and adjusted, constantly positioning the company for a better future.”

Throughout his career, Chadd saw the CFT program evolve as a maintenance team supervisor, safety officer, on the labor relations team and ground maintenance manager. He has also worked all over the world – in Germany, Korea and several sites within the U.S.

FIRST Program at Fort Campbell

Through the FIRST Fort Campbell program, DI has provided a full range of logistics support services at Fort Campbell, Ky. since 2008. Under DI’s Operations and Maintenance business, services include providing logistics support services, including vehicle maintenance and support, transportation services, supply and troop support, plans and operations.

DI team members also provide aviation maintenance supporting the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell under the Contract Field Teams (CFT) contract. As part of its Aviation business, DI provides maintenance, modification, RESET and supply support for aircraft assigned to units returning from Southwest Asia, as assigned.

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