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DynCorp International’s Training and Mentoring Programs Oversee International Police Training and Weapons Removal

As part of their efforts to support important missions worldwide, DI’s Training and Mentoring business focuses on security sector, Government institution, and infrastructure reform. DynCorp International also supports the newly formed interior and defense departments of nations overcoming internal conflict and political uprising.

Some of DynCorp International’s training and mentoring efforts include senior level leadership development, organizing and deploying workforce, material and technology solutions, developing self-sustaining programs, and overseeing the site development, communications, security, and training critical law enforcement operations.

dyncorp international police trainingInternational Police Training and Support Solutions

Governments in developing nations and nations recovering from conflict depend on DynCorp International’s police-training and mentoring programs to prepare their own civilian law-enforcement officials.

DynCorp International recruits U.S. law enforcement professional to provide training and security services to local police forces around the world, including the redevelopment of existing police forces.

In addition to training and deploying law enforcement professionals worldwide, DynCorp International also assists the U.S. and other nations with law-enforcement-related training services that include:

  • Criminal-justice institution support
  • Local police-force training
  • Law-enforcement mentoring
  • Helping other nations develop modern police and law-enforcement institutions

Global Weapons Removal Support Solutions

DynCorp International also provides training and mentoring to nations involved in weapons removal and disposition by training and assisting local governments.

Weapons removal services include the support of Quick Reaction Force teams to immediately respond to situations necessitating instant weapons removal and destruction.

Quick Reaction Force team members are certified to remove, destroy, and mitigate conventional weapons, with the goals of protecting victims of conflict, restoring access to land, advancing peace, and promoting conflict resolution.

DynCorp International also supports weapons removal and abatement through WD3 programs (weapons demilitarization, destruction, and disposal), by training and assisting other nations in safely securing, handling, storing, and destroying small arms, light weapons, landmines, stockpiled munitions, abandoned weapons, conventional weapons, and man-portable air-defense systems.

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