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DynCorp International Warns: Beware of Money Scams

DynCorp International warns jobseekers and web app users (especially dating apps), among others, of internet money scams. Unauthorized people using DynCorp International’s brand may solicit money. If you want to join the DI team, please read this carefully.

Official DI Career Page:

Visit to view open listings and apply. This is the only DynCorp International (DI) Family of Companies application site.

Signs of a Recruiting or Money Scam

Scammers advertise jobs that look like the real thing through job boards and other advertisements. Look for these important signs that a posting may be a scam.

  • Check the email address origin. DynCorp International recruiters, team members and personnel have an email address ending in Any point of contact that does not have that email address origin is not a part of the DI recruiting team. Scammers will try to make very similar email address domains, so make sure to check that it is only from a address. If you see an email address or website ending in .net, .in, .org or one that looks like these real-life examples:
    • These listed above are all fake! Remember, all official DI email addresses will end in
  • Requests for placement fees to speed up the hiring process. If you are contacted by anyone offering a job with DynCorp International, you will never be asked to pay a fee for recruiting.
  • A communication requests money in exchange for guaranteed employment. Any communication requesting any amount of money in exchange for employment with DI is a scam. DI and its family of companies never charges candidates fees or payments of any kind in order to secure employment.
  • A communication requests payment as a fee for certification, training materials or other work-related expenses. DI does not require payment for any materials as part of its recruiting process.
  • Requests for tax, bank account or credit card information. DI recruiters do not require the completion of tax forms such as a W-4, bank account or credit card information as part of the recruiting process. As a precaution, we recommend you do not give out personal or financial details to anyone as a response to an unsolicited email request.
  • Offers work at home opportunities. DI does not currently offer any work at home opportunities.
  • Poor English, grammar, and spelling. Official DI recruiters will send all communications from an official DI email address, use proper American English, and will never ask you for money.

Dating Site Scams Are Also on the Rise

Scammers steal identities on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram and pose as someone else, sometimes even DI employees. After posting pictures and stories to popular dating sites, the scammers reach out to people with accounts on that site and try to exploit them. The latest scam involves requesting assistance paying for leave. DynCorp International does not charge fees for leave requests. DynCorp International does not charge employees any processing fees of any type.

You’ve Been Scammed – What to Do Next

If you are contacted regarding a fraudulent employment proposal, please alert a local law enforcement agency or police authority.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a reporting service on their website for those who have been targeted by a recruiting scam.

Reader Interactions


  1. A. Taylor says

    I think I have been scammed from someone that either actually works for your company or is using someone from your company identity. He claims that he is on a secret project and want to work from home to be close to me. But he has to pay leave and fees to DynCorp First. He states that since he is on a secret project that he is not allowed to go his bank to withdraw money for the leave. Don’t know how true all of it is.

    • chanelm says

      It is not true. DynCorp International does not charge fees for leave. DI does not charge any type of fees during employment or for employment. This is a scammer, do not send money.

  2. Andrea J Repp says

    I have also been in contact with an alexander murphy Fernandez. He claims to work for your company from San Francisco California. His id number he provided is 1395144175. He is working on a secret project and needs his money from his bank account due to an ex that took everything from him. He is supposedly living in Springfield VA on embassy and cannot see anyone, does not have use of the mic on his cellphone. I can provide all of the email addresses he has given me

  3. Stefani cause says

    Do you have a Joshua Bristol that works for you? I have sent money for him being fined for making phone calls. He has supposedly been gone since august and was supposed to be back in oct. i met him on pof. He says that he has an apt in Dallas that is for your companies employees only. I have a copy of a letter where he was supposedly fined from your company. Is any of this true?

  4. Lisa Kovac says

    I am writing because I believe now that I have been scammed out of $110,000 by George Maxwell who says he is on a mission in Iraq. He got an award from your company in 2019. He sent me a photo of the certificate. He keeps telling me he is coming home soon with money to pay me back. I don’t believe he anymore. I am struggling with my finances and my life because of him. I realize that this is my fault and I am stupid for doing this, but he seemed really nice. I met him on Facebook in 2017. I want proof that he is a scammer or a real person who will be coming to the states soon! He is supposed to be in the hospital in Iraq with stomach issues. Please help me figure this out. I thought he loves me and I love him. But I don’t know anymore

  5. Doreen pinto says

    My husband applied for the post of waiter in Afganistan. He had applied through an advertisement posted on facebook. Next day he got an appointment letter on whatsapp. They also asked us to pay Rs. 12000 towards travel insurance which we paid in February. Still waiting for the visa.
    Please could someone tell me if we have been scammed or is it real.

    • chanelm says

      DynCorp recruiters will not contact applicants nor advertise on Facebook or Whatsapp. All applicants must apply at the DynCorp International or Amentum websites under the Careers page.

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