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DynFun Mini Golf Results

The DynCorp International (DI) teams may have had more fun playing tournaments with their mini-golf greens than constructing them!

The results are in from July’s DynFun activity, a miniature golf course construction contest. Teams worked inventively to build an individual putt-putt hole to incorporate into a DI-wide virtual golf course spread throughout the globe.

The team on LOGCAP’s NTC program in Fort Irwin, California, built a putt-putt hole symbolizing their base in the desert. It included course features representative of many elements of their location: the historical Painted Rocks near the main gate, the High Mobility, Multi-Purpose, Wheeled Vehicle that DI maintains, the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier that DI also maintains, the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter to represent the DI Air Traffic Controllers, orange cones to represent the Vehicle Issue Yard and Rotational Unit Field Maintenance Area where vehicles are transferred to/from DI for test, repair & inspection, the ammunition can representing the Theatre Ammunition Supply Point, the brake rotor and exhaust pipe to represent other maintenance facilities, and finally, the cactus, donkeys and coyotes to represent the desert.

The Accounts Payable team in Fort Worth, Texas went with a tropical luau party theme, featuring pool noodle guides, a tiki windmill, a metal filing rack tunnel, a pool float trap and a hibiscus flower ramp. They had an honor system on scorecards emphasizing fair play for their tournament prize.

Alliance Security and Facilities in Fort Worth, Texas set up a Team dysFUNctional hole featuring an Edward Snowden and Leonard Moss starting tee with vintage cartoon burglars and insider threat ‘shadow man’ tube obstacles, with the finish in a DI Mailroom mailbox.

At the McLean, Virginia office, team Corporate Security, Facilities & Real Estate created a carnival-game type putt-putt green with three alternative scoring options, the ultimate goal score being Security Superstar! They played the DI Security Open Mini Golf Tournament, which resulted in a four-way tie. A shootout was conducted among the winners, and Dorian Amstel resulted victorious with a Security Awareness medallion.

Corporate Human Resources in Fort Worth, Texas, created green ‘Dyn O Mite’ with a prehistoric theme. The putt-putt hole featured an erupting volcano, plastic bin water feature with mini boulders, velociraptor and T-rex obstacles, tropical pterodactyl, and a whiteboard backdrop with dry-eraser artwork.

Congratulations to our winners, a tie between Human Resources and Alliance Security & Facilities. Both teams pushed their creative limits while staying within the contest size guidelines! All five of our terrific putt-putt green designing teams will receive a prize for their innovative creations.

Check out the mini-golf Flickr album of the DI teams playing their miniature golf holes!

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