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DynCorp International Supports the Engine Regional Repair Center at Laughlin Air Force Base

Engine Repair DynCorp IntlIn September 2012, DynCorp International was awarded a contract with the U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC) to provide jet engine maintenance for J85 aircraft at Laughlin Air Force Base (AFB), Texas, in support of the Engine Regional Repair Center (ERRC).

In this program, DI provides intermediate maintenance functions on J85 jet engines required to support the AETC’s Undergraduate Pilot Training (UTP), Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT), Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT), Pilot Instructor Training (PIT), and Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) programs. The ERRC also supports training units located at four diverse bases.

Since the contract was awarded DI team members have been committed to partnering with the local Laughlin AFB community, aiming to continuously improve the quality of programs and services offered to customers.

Ultimately, DI’s goal is to provide safe, reliable and mission-ready J85 aircraft engines through professional jet engine maintenance and associated services to support the Flying Training Wing’s student pilot trainer missions. DI team members perform associated intermediate jet engine and equipment maintenance tasks to maintain the health of theEngine Repair DynCorp Intl 3 T-38 aircraft fleet to ensure the availability of aircraft resources for pilot and aircrew training requirements.

U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command

The U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC) is headquartered at Randolph Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas, and was established July 1, 1993, with the realignment of Air Training Command and Air University. AETC’s mission is “to develop America’s Airmen today… for tomorrow.” AETC, which includes Air Force Recruiting Service, two numbered air forces and the Air University, delivers air, space and cyberspace education and training. DynCorp International also supports the AETC at Columbus Air Force Base and Sheppard Air Force Base.

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