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DynCorp International Senior IT Security Manager, Paul Horn, Named a Finalist as Certified Chief Information Security Officer of the Year

paul horn dyncorp internationalDynCorp International’s Paul Horn, senior IT security manager, has been named a finalist by EC-Council for Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) of the Year. The CCISO award is an executive certification that honors an individual for their contributions within the information security community while demonstrating tremendous professional growth and innovative security practices.

Horn was one of only three finalists for the CCISO award this year, as announced at EC-Council’s 4th Global CISO Forum held September 19-20, 2013, in Atlanta, Ga.

The CISO Program

EC-Council’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) program recognizes an individual’s skills in developing and executing an information security management strategy in alignment with organizational goals. CISO equips information security leaders with tools to protect against security breaches by actively improving the current information technology security solutions, enforcing regulatory requirements and aligning IS with the strategic needs and goals of their business. This skill set enables the CISO to be the best guardian of their organization’s digital assets.

The role of a CISO is to address emerging threats to information security by developing and maintaining an information security strategy utilizing leadership and communication skills and innovative solutions. EC-Council cites strong technical knowledge, experience and business communication expertise as key traits of an effective CISO.

Those who earn a CISO Certification are able to most effectively plan and oversee information security for any organization.

About Paul Horn

Horn began his career at DI as the cyber security manager for the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program. In that role, Horn advocated a strong understanding of information security to executive leadership and produced quantitative metrics to grow the department by discovering exceptional talent from across a wide range of information security specialties such as industrial security, cryptography, regulatory, compliance, and firewalls engineers.

Horn empowered many of his teammates to take on new roles and gain valuable experience, making them firewall engineers, incident response members, endpoint security professionals and vulnerability engineers. Horn and his team also developed a comprehensive cyber security program responsible for information categorization, risk and vulnerability analysis, remediation, compliance, investigations, and Operational Security (OPSEC).

In his current role, Horn has helped to improve DI’s security posture, focusing especially on awareness and protecting users from unsafe websites and malware.

“Paul has positively impacted the information security industry through empowering those around him to better understand information security and expanding knowledge to those outside of information security,” said Adam Pendleton, DynCorp International IT director. “Several team members credit Paul for being able to learn additional security skills while being able to produce a panoramic view of security across the enterprise and how products, policies, and security interact.”

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