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DynCorp International Provides Fire Protection Services in Afghanistan

Dwyer-FireAs part of the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) in Afghanistan, DynCorp International team members provide an array of fire protection services at Tactical Base Dwyer. Support services include aircraft rescue firefighting, structural fire protection, rescue operations, hazardous materials operations level response, fire prevention, fire extinguisher exchange and recharging, and smoke detector exchange for all personnel on site.

The DI fire team at Dwyer is responsible for structural firefighting services on the base and they also provide aircraft rescue firefighting and support the airfield by responding to in-flight and ground emergencies.

“The effective deployment of resources, coupled with a highly successful execution of a comprehensive Fire Prevention Program, continues to ensure the highest level of protection for Tactical Base Dwyer personnel and property,” said Brad Sprague, director of Operations and Maintenance, DynCorp International. “An aggressive fire safety and public education program is credited with preventing any serious incidents on the base.”

Commitment to Training and Education

“Training is at the heart of our success and is a never-ending engagement,” said Sprague.

Regular training exercises are conducted to ensure operability and to evaluate the level of services available as staffing levels and resources change. As changes occur, the goals of Tactical Base Dwyer will reflect the dedication of DI team members to the fluctuating needs of the base.

The Fire Prevention program also plays a vital role at Dwyer. The program is tasked with preventing fires by facilitating early intervention, and ensuring a safe physical environment through a combination of thorough fire inspections, public education, and code enforcement.

At a minimum, each facility on base is inspected every six months by a certified and trained fire inspector. The prevention team continues to manage a proactive program to include the collaboration of fire protection engineering to support fire safety features in facilities, such as fire detection, non-combustible building components, and adequate facility exits. It also includes code enforcement activities, program management, and public education.

The Prevention Section team has enacted an aggressive outreach program, providing fire extinguisher and fire warden training to more than 250 personnel. Classes are held weekly to aid and accommodate the differing schedules of our customers and additional classes were instituted to support the varying needs of all residents at Dwyer.

DynCorp International and the LOGCAP Program

As part of the LOGCAP IV in Afghanistan, DI team members working on the Food Service team operate several full-service dining facilities. DI provides support to the U.S. and Coalition troops in Afghanistan under the LOGCAP IV contract, including operations and maintenance support, facilities management, electrical power, water, sewage and waste management, laundry operations, food services, and transportation motor pool operations, as well as construction services for other sites.

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