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DynCorp International Focuses on Continuous Improvement

DynCorp International team members all over the world are focusing on continuous improvement, introducing the Lean Six Sigma process to DI’s programs in aviation, logistics, operations and maintenance, and training.

Since August 2013, Lean Six Sigma training has been incorporated throughout the company, certifying more than 200 new Lean practitioners and more than 200 Lean Six Sigma Green Belts. To achieve DI’s continuous improvement goals, the Operations team created a standardized curriculum and certification methodology for Lean Six Sigma Training.

“We all have a responsibility if we are going to successfully introduce and embrace a culture of continuous improvement,” said John Bennett, Continuous Improvement senior director, DynCorp International. “Integrating Lean training helps equip our team members to succeed and better serve our customers.”

Increasing Training Effectiveness

Initial success has led to DI’s Continuous Improvement team expanding training to support higher levels of certification, past the Green Belt and into Black Belt and Master Black Belt, with an increase in overall training events both in a classroom setting and through virtual learning.

“Green Belt project results have already made a positive impact on metrics throughout the Company,” commented Bennett.

Improving Our Processes

The Continuous Improvement Team is also launching a toolkit for program managers and DI’s Centers of Excellence to aid them in managing continuous improvement at different levels within the organization. Toolkit topics include setting goals, building competency, executing and sustaining projects and measuring results.

“We want to empower our employees to feel confident about constantly seeking better and more efficient ways of doing things. We want to make sure that we measure our activities from the point of view of our customer and that processes, standard procedures and metrics are in place so that we can hold each other accountable to our customers’ expectations,” said Bennett.

About Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two powerful concepts of Lean – understanding the value stream and removing waste – and Six Sigma – reducing variation and controlling the process.

Lean accelerates Six Sigma, delivering greater results than what would typically be achieved by Lean or Six Sigma individually.

Combining these two methods gives improvement teams a comprehensive tool set to increase the speed and effectiveness of any process within an organization, resulting in increased revenue, reduced costs and improved collaboration.

Lean Six Sigma professionals exist at every level – master black belts, black belts, green belts, and Lean Practitioners – who conduct projects and implement improvements.

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  1. This is one of the best initiative our company have undertaken on service delivery and management. Six Sigma is a complex concept and require the attention of all stakeholders in the company to achieve results. Its a great tool especially on problem solving and profit realization. Following the lean concepts will yield result but with the right people. The tools emphasizes the strength of the process ignoring personnel abilities, knowledge and skills in production cycle (this a common mistake in six sigma implementation). To get the best out of this tool we need to get the right people and the right processes taking part in production. This has not been fully realized in our company. most of our department have neglected the responsibility on improvement to the QA/QC department thus slowing down progress.
    Also most of our employees want to stick to the old way of doing things thus hindering innovations and dynamism in the organization. It is a great tool if used properly but if not sold to the employees it will remain a theory.
    lets train as many as we can on this important tool

    • We appreciate your feedback, Samuel! We hope that further integration and training on Lean Six Sigma principles will continue to emphasis DynCorp International’s focus on continuous improvement.

  2. Briefly about DynCorp Company

    I’m 28 years old and I worked nine years for the American government. For 4 years I worked for DynCorp as Billeting Coordinator. DynCorp company helped me a lot by building my career as well as experience. Working for DynCorp and be one of the employees, is an amazing experience that you will learn that every day you meet with hundreds of diferent people, providing customer services, create new experiences, see and learn the right things, respond professionally to all questions, have a great team work and leaders and one of the most important things is to learn what is the meaning of “Safety First”.

    Thank you for support.

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