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Improving Our Processes: The DynCorp International GITM Program Transition

dyncorp intl gitm 2DynCorp International (DI) was awarded a contract in 2014 to provide Global Information Technology Modernization (GITM) services for the U.S. Department of State (DoS) Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM). In working with several Centers of Excellence (COEs) throughout the Company, the program successfully transitioned to DI systems, positioning the team to best serve the customer.

A Smooth Transition

“Program transitions involve coordination between the program team, COEs and the customer to understand how functional areas will interact once the program is up and running,” said Josh Creson, DynCorp International program manager.

Samantha Yanger, DynCorp International program and project specialist commented, “Communication with COEs and program points of contact is critical up front. The more defined processes and detailed standard procedures can be identified, the better. Knowing the hand-off points in a process has had the greatest impact for Team DI on the GITM program.”

In any program transition, several factors are considered including finance, quality, performance excellence, logistics, procurement, and overhead functions such as human resources, recruiting, business technology, supply chain, facilities and security. Throughout the transition process, the GITM team utilized a dedicated transition manager that acted as a liaison to all parties, which enabled the program manager to focus on critical areas such as staffing, daily operations, finance and contracts management.

“Having a Program Management Office (PMO) at the program level was an integral part of our success,” said Creson. “Through the PMO we were able to identify counterparts at each COE and work seamlessly with the customer to ensure their requirements were being met.”
“With the PMO support, we were able to devote our time to identifying potential challenges and clearly defining each team members’ roles to address those issues. We were also able to bolster our relationship with the customer by being transparent with them throughout the transition process,” Creson added.

Building a Successful Team

“Teamwork and hiring the right people have played a key role in our success,” said Lee Kind, DynCorp International Quality Services manager. “While experience is certainly important, hiring team members willing to learn, work together and grow with the program is even more important and will take us to the next level.”

DI Business Technology and Operations teams also worked closely with the GITM team to provide their expertise, templates and tools for performance reporting and increase program capabilities. Through ongoing efforts to standardize DI’s program transition processes, the Program Management (PM) team worked closely with the GITM team to provide tools developed specifically to ease the transition process. In addition, the PM team was able to gather information to help future programs succeed.

“Work Breakdown Structures, Organization Breakdown Structures and Cost Breakdown Structures provided by the PM and draft program plans provided by the Performance Excellence COE were very helpful in guiding the transition,” Kind added.

Delivering Results

“A fairly seamless transition allowed our team to focus on improving processes and establishing quality and performance goals early on,” said Creson. “We are constantly challenging the status-quo by bouncing around new ideas and identifying better solutions that can benefit the customer as we aim to not only support program requirements, but also ensure long-term success.”

As part of its efforts to better serve the Department of State, the GITM team recently moved into a new facility located in Lorton, Va. The new facility increases program capabilities by providing additional warehouse storage for hardware in a layout designed with lean six sigma principles that improves both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously. Thus, DI can now provide additional support for future DoS work.

Timothy Glazar, DynCorp International senior director, National Security Solutions, IT and Mission Support said, “The GITM program provides DI with a valuable opportunity to expand our relationship within the Department of State, a valued long-term customer, and highlights our capabilities to conduct IT and supply chain management operations around the world. At all levels of the program, the team has proven to be a valued partner to our IRM customer, provided stability through the transition period, and is smartly identifying new ways to operate which will ultimately transform the way business is conducted in the IT Modernization of Embassies around the globe.”

“As we move further from transition into operations, we continue to learn and grow at every turn, we remain excited and committed to this critically important mission. Personally, it has been a terrific opportunity for me to see something that started more than two years ago with a Request for Information submission come to life and I am very proud to be associated with this important ground-breaking program for DI and with the entire team making it happen every day.”

DynCorp International GITM Program

In June 2014, DI was awarded a task order from the DoS Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) to provide global information technology services. Under this task order, the DI team modernizes IT equipment deployed at DoS posts and bureaus. The Vanguard 2.2.3 Global Information Technology Modernization (GITM) program encompasses the entire supply chain life cycle support for the refresh, deployment and installation of classified and unclassified desktop and server equipment at more than 300 locations overseas and stateside.

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