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DynCorp International Graduates Afghan Helicopter Maintenance Technicians

Afghan helicopter MXT training2DynCorp International team members in Afghanistan recently graduated four Afghanistan Air Force personnel trained to maintain MD530F aircraft. They are the first to complete the first of three levels training and will perform maintenance on the active helicopter fleet, working hand-in-hand with the DI Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) team.

“This is a critical step for the Afghan Maintenance Command in eventually having an autonomous team of MD530F fleet mechanics. We believe these graduates are committed to continuing training as well as setting a positive example for future Afghan Air Force personnel to follow in their footsteps,” said Noel Shorts, DynCorp International program manager.

A Comprehensive Training Program

DI’s team of aircraft maintenance trainers provide three levels of training – apprentice, journeyman and craftsman. The course curriculum for each level is comprised of classroom academics, hands-on practical exercises, written and oral exams.
Upon completion of the level one training, personnel are able to operate independently, show demonstrated practical knowledge to operate without supervision. Additionally, graduates are able to teach the material and provide guidance on the correct courses of action and the associated costs and benefits.

A Successful PartnershipAfghan helicopter MXT training

“Our strong partnership with the Afghan Air Force personnel was definitely the key to success on this program and integral in the graduation of the first aircraft mechanics able to help maintain the fleet independent of our instructor,” said Shorts. “We worked together as a team to make it happen.”

Through the MD530F CLS program, DI serves as a subcontractor to MD Helicopters, Inc. to provide aviation maintenance support for the Afghan Rotary Wing Flight Training Program.

DI’s DynAviation Group supports aviation missions at more than 100 locations worldwide – including hostile and austere locations – maintaining the highest level of operational readiness at all times. DI team members ensure safe, reliable and expertly-maintained aircraft are available for customers’ needs.

Afghan Rotary Wing Flight Training Program

The Rotary Wing Flight Training Program was developed by the U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization for the Afghan Air Corps in order to create an independent Afghan Air Force program. DI has supported this program since September 2011.

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