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DynCorp International Graduates University Students from Ethics Training Program in El Salvador

Ethics Training ProgramStudents at the Alberto Masferrer University (USAM) in San Salvador, El Salvador, recently celebrated the completion of the Promoting an Ethics Culture for University Students (PECUS) program. Faculty professors and coordinators recognized the 150 students involved with certificates at the graduation event.

Casals & Associates, a DynCorp International company, worked as an implementing partner of USAID’s Democracy Strengthening Program to design, promote and sponsor the PECUS program. Casals team members worked in conjunction with academic coordinators and professors of higher education institutions to develop the program, which promotes an ethics culture among future graduates by developing the necessary skills and knowledge to become ethical citizens, leaders and professionals.

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Students who completed the “training for trainers” program learned how to integrate ethics as a component of higher education curricula, contribute through concrete actions and build an ethical culture within Salvadoran youth. The graduates have not only recognized the importance of ethics as a pillar for professional and personal behavior regardless of their fields of performance, but each have also committed to training at least 10 other students on the principles they learned in the PECUS program.

“I congratulate all PECUS graduates for this important accomplishment, as ethics and values play a fundamental role in the responsible transformation we are seeking for our people, for our country,” said USAM principal, Dr. César Augusto Calderón. “I encourage you all to strive for your dreams and to succeed in your personal journeys holding tight to ethical principles.”

Developing a State of Ethics

During the five month training period, students met every Friday afternoon for presentations from   experts in different areas of ethics in the five module course. Topics included ethics technology and social networks, ethics for life, ethics in the professional field, public ethics and business ethics.

“I have learned many valuable things during this course, but the most important is that ethics is a way of life, a style for living.  If we all contribute with our good work and appropriate behavior, aspiring for a state of ethics for our society is possible!” said Oswaldo Alarcón, student, Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado.

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