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DynCorp International Team in Afghanistan Works Together to Help Save DI Employee’s Life

When Phil Bossert, who was working as an advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Defense as part of DynCorp International’s support of the Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A), was diagnosed with a cold and sinus issues, his fellow team members weren’t convinced that was the root of his sickness.

“My team at DI as well as the military team in the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan basically ordered me to stop gutting it out and seek a second opinion at the clinic. In the end, these team members actually helped saved my life,” said Bossert.

DynCorp International personnel quickly coordinated for transportation from Kabul, Afghanistan, to Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., where it was found that Bossert’s “cold” was actually a brain tumor. After early detection, the tumor was successfully removed and Bossert recovered fully.

DynCorp International, Living Its Values

Bossert credits his successful diagnosis and recovery to the DI teams working Kabul and in the U.S.

“My team lead was an exceptional leader whose special operations background was obvious in his people-oriented and mission-focused leadership style. When I was transported to Walter Reed, he immediately shipped all my personal and professional gear to my home in Texas, kept my wife informed, and took over my advising duties without skipping a beat. A fellow advisor loaded my backpack with items that carried me through to Walter Reed. Another colleague escorted me to the clinic and shouted over the roar of the Medevac helicopter rotor blades, ‘Hang in there, Phil; everything is going to be all right,’ which meant a great deal,” said Bossert.

Bossert’s program manager supported him by following-up with phone calls to the clinic and then later on during recovery. Bossert also received one-on-one support from the DI Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

EAP ambassador, Donald Tate, contacted Bossert’s wife and provided constant updates on his condition, while April Spence, human resources, remained in close contact with his family for all their needs.  Michael Warren, VP, Human Resources – Employee Assistance Programs, visited Bossert at home during recovery and answered any questions he and his family had.

“DI’s professionalism and its commitment to its values deeply impressed us and made this ordeal bearable. I want to express the deepest appreciation to all those at DynCorp International who helped save my life.  I want to assure DI employees worldwide, especially those in harm’s way, that DI will spare no effort to help them anytime, anywhere, especially if they get hurt or sick,” said Bossert.

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  1. Rochelle says

    Who can dyncorp international employees go to for stress management or to seek out a counselor while employed in Afghanistan. Thanks.

  2. Brian says

    Who can I contact about counseling for returning. When I finished my contract there was a packet with information about such services. I would like to look into them

  3. Layeq Rahman says

    Hello HR
    Hope you are doing well.
    I would like to be part of your experienced team and your amazing, and best company ever in Afghanistan.
    I would like to join your team and comapny as intern. It would be paid or unpaid. We will look further in your office. Just give me a chance you would be proud. My computer skills, soft skills, excellent communication skills, public speaking, decision making and many other skills, given me the confidence level through which I can say ” I would be the next in your comapany to put it in high ranking in the world”

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