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DynCorp International Helps U.S. Troops Celebrate Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

dyncorp international logcap thanksgivingDynCorp International staff working on the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) in Afghanistan helped U.S. troops celebrate Thanksgiving while away from home. DI’s food service staff provided a full Thanksgiving feast to the warfighters with all the trimmings. From roast turkey to homemade pies and freshly baked breads, DI team members worked to make dining facilities a home away from home.

Throughout the dining facilities, warfighters and civilians shared stories from home and read inspiring letters sent by elementary school students across the U.S.

On Thanksgiving Day, DI’s food service staff prepared and served a total of:

  • 13,030 pounds of turkey
  • 5,488 pounds of rib eye steaks
  • 3,618 pounds of steamship round beef
  • 3,570 pounds of pit smoked ham
  • 3,000 pounds of shrimp
  • 2,256 assorted pies (apple, cherry, pecan and sweet potato)
  • 1,785 pounds of stuffing
  • 1,739 pounds of mixed nuts
  • 735 gallons of eggnog
  • 588 pounds of marshmallows for candied yams

In addition to ensuring all the food was cooked and served with care, DI food service personnel created unique and beautiful works of edible art. From a Mayflower ship made from a watermelon, to cakes decorated with turkey images, the food service staff went above and beyond to create a nice setting for the Thanksgiving dinner. Many of the creations took days to complete and doubled as food displays.

DynCorp International Food Service Team

As part of the LOGCAP IV program in Afghanistan, nearly 1200 DI team members work on the food service team which operates 37 full-service dining facilities.

“The DI personnel that serve on the Food Service team bring a lot of experience, skills and specialized talents that were showcased at the Thanksgiving dinner. They collectively used their creativity and expertise to put together a meal that the warfighters truly enjoyed,” said Allen Penrose, Project Food Service Manager for LOGCAP IV.

DynCorp International and the LOGCAP Program

DynCorp International serves as one of the three contractors that currently provides support to the U.S. and Coalition troops overseas under the LOGCAP IV contract. Among task orders awarded to DynCorp International on LOGCAP IV, the company supports the U.S. Army in Southern Afghanistan.

Under this task order, DI “is providing existing bases with operations and maintenance support, including facilities management, electrical power, water, sewage and waste management, laundry operations, food services, and transportation motor pool operations,” as well as construction services for other sites.

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