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DI Employee Highlighted in Hispanic Career World Magazine

DynCorp International senior financial director, Evonne Ruiz, is highlighted in the Summer/Fall issue of Hispanic Career World Magazine. In an article entitled “Serving Your Country: Careers in Government and Defense Contracting,” Sandra H. Shichtman profiled four individuals who have developed careers within the government or defense contracting.

Finding Her Niche

Growing up in the Texas Rio Grande Valley, Ruiz thought she would follow her family tradition and work in pharmaceuticals. However, she found finance and accounting to be more her calling and switched her major at the University of Texas- Austin accordingly.

Connecting with DynCorp International

On the recommendation of one of her college counselors who had sent other students to the Company in the past, Ruiz came to DI as an intern. She worked the summer between her junior and senior years and then continued as a part-time employee until her graduation in December 1998.

Her role as an intern included basic accounting tasks such as: reconciling accounts, balance sheets and cash accounts. Her hard work paid off and after graduation she was hired as a full-time accountant.  Since then she has moved up the ranks to her current role as senior financial director where she currently handles high-level tasks such as forecasting, budgets, and operating plan financials for all of DynCorp International’s government operations.

Ruiz’s says the most challenging aspect of the job is staying abreast of financial issues that might impact a company that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Committed to Excellence

Ruiz is driven in all she does by the Company’s mission to provide quality services to the U.S. government. This includes not only her accounting work but also her excellent communication skills, people skills, and flexibility as she works with personnel across the globe. She credits the help and understanding of her husband to balance such a challenging business role with her personal life.

About Hispanic Career World Magazine

Hispanic Career World Magazine, published by Equal Opportunity Publications (EOP), was launched in 2001 as the recruitment link between Hispanic students and professionals and the employers that seek to hire them. Hispanic Career World offers career-guidance columns, news, and feature articles that profile Hispanics in all fields.

EOP publishes career-guidance and recruitment magazines for women, members of minority groups, and people with disabilities. EOP’s slogan, “first in diversity, best in results” summarizes their record of helping job-seekers from underrepresented groups find employment and aiding companies and government agencies eager to recruit from this diversified workforce.

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