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We Serve: The DynCorp International Environment Health & Safety Team in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Oman

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As part of the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Oman, DynCorp International Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) team members developed comprehensive procedures based on best environment, health and safety management practices. Their responsibilities encompass all aspects of sustaining a safe, healthy and environmentally sound work environment for DI team members and customer personnel while continuously improving overall safety performance.

“Our program has been refined and matured over the course of the nearly five years we have served on the LOGCAP IV program,” said Steve Zrake, DynCorp International EHS director. “We are committed to the ongoing success of the EHS management system and its implementation.”

Creating a Culture of SafetyJosh Israel dyncorp intl

Creating a culture with an emphasis on safety has been a top priority for DI LOGCAP leadership and the EHS team. Their robust program focuses on a senior leadership-led proactive safety culture based on incident prevention, intensive ongoing training, employee empowerment and active subcontractor management.

One example of reinforcing this kind of proactive environment is the use of “Tool Box Talks and Activity Hazard Analysis/Safety Pre-task Planning (AHA/SPTP)” where managers and supervisors discuss activity hazards and risk mitigation efforts at the beginning of each shift and before each at-risk task begins.

“These Tool Box Talks and AHA/SPTPs have proven to support the proactive approach in preventing injury or property damage incidents as all team members become aware of the proper steps taken to do tasks safely on a routine basis. All team members understand safety is first and foremost, always,” said Zrake.

The DI LOGCAP team’s culture of safety has helped keep their Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) well below the comparative industry average preventing many injuries and avoiding excessive costs for their customer.

LOGCAP dyncorp intlKeys to EHS Success

“Environmental compliance and protection, occupational safety and health, and personnel security are key and fundamental tenets of our philosophy of operations,” commented Zrake. “We care about these issues and have an exemplary track record to demonstrate the success of our proactive programs.

As part of the LOGCAP IV program in Afghanistan, DI team members provide operations and maintenance support, logistics, facilities management, electrical power, water, sewage and waste management, laundry operations, food services, and transportation motor pool operations, as well as construction services.

“LOGCAP EHS program performance clearly demonstrates key values of the DI Star. We serve our customers through high level and exemplary performance. We care about our customer’s and employee’s health and welfare, and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility. We perform in an exemplary manner demonstrated by our results. And lastly ensuring the application and implementation of the EHS Management System communicates that we do the right thing, not just because it makes good business sense, but because it’s the right thing to do,” said Betty Rogers, DynCorp International chief of staff and vice president, Contracts.

DynCorp International vice president and LOGCAP program manager Rob Tillery, added, “Every LOGCAP team member contributes to our success individually and as part of our team. They are dedicated and committed to exceptional performance, serving our customers. Our management provides them the programs, processes and tools to be successful. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves, while fulfilling our contractual and business responsibilities.”

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