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DynCorp International (UK) Participates in Land Warfare Conference and DVD 2014

DVD standDynCorp International (UK) recently participated in two events to highlight its capabilities and meet with key leaders in the United Kingdom land forces industry – the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Land Warfare Conference and DVD2014 defence vehicles show.

Land Warfare Conference

The RUSI Land Warfare Conference was held June 24-25, 2014, in Westminster, London. The DI team presented information about its highly complex logistics, fleet management and through-life supply chain solutions at their exhibit as well as throughout the conference hall.

DynCorp International senior program director Richard McEvoy was a featured speaker on a panel discussing the topic, “Working with Partners to Generate Fighting Power.” He leads DI’s Afghan Ministry of Interior and Afghan National Police Program (AMDP) and described the important and distinct role contractors play in operations all over the world. Ian Copeland, DynCorp International (UK) managing director, moderated the panel.

The Land Warfare Conference is held annually on behalf of the UK Chief of the General Staff and brings together representatives from across the armed forces, government, academia and industry, as well as international allies and partners, with the aim of promoting professional debate on the issues that matter to the land forces community.LWC Dick McEvoy

This year’s conference focused on what history can teach about the British way of war, considering what insights this offers about the present and in shaping the future for land forces.


The 11th DVD event, hosted by the UK Army and Defence Equipment & Support organisation, took place June 25-26, 2014, and was widely attended by organizations in the equipment support and sustainment industry for the UK’s Armed Forces. DynCorp International (UK) had a large stand at the event to promote DI’s capabilities and to host a busy programme of meetings.
Attendees gained insight on the equipment used by the British Army directly from military personnel, bringing together industry and defence in the land equipment sector to develop ideas and generate greater understanding of technologies, capabilities and requirements. The event focused on recognizing the new capability role taken on by the Army as part of Defence Transformation.

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