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Leadership, Culture and Teamwork Fuel DynCorp International’s Mission

At a Wharton Aerospace Conference, DynCorp International Chairman and CEO Steve Gaffney discussed the company’s strengths and plans for the future.

A Broad Range of Services

DynCorp International has more than 25,000 personnel working in 35 countries and 150 locations. The company’s history is in aviation but today it offers a wide array of services including training and mentoring, international development, and intelligence training solutions.

DI’s primary objective is to provide the U.S. and its allies with defense, diplomacy and international development solutions to reinforce national security and foreign policy objectives around the world.

A Positive Culture Makes the Difference

Gaffney feels that leadership attributes define an intentional culture of a company, and it will be the people, leadership, and culture that will be the discriminator for DI going forward.

Creating a positive culture is a priority at DI; this creates loyal employees who work harder and develop loyal customers creating profitable growth. DynCorp International encourages a culture based on shared core values that include we serve, we care, we empower, we perform and we do the right thing.

Leadership for Great Performance

Strong leadership attributes build strong teams, inspire commitment and deliver results. This is why DI reviews and assesses its employees on the basis of results and behaviors and has defined specific leadership attributes to teach managers and supervisors how to bring out the best in their teams.

In addition, the company has created a social contract for team managers and members which includes respecting the opinions of others and utilizing open, honest communication. As Gaffney stated, “team members who feel good about their teams will outperform competitor’s teams who don’t focus on these important attributes.”

Gaffney believes that in a service company your people are your products. The “artifacts” left behind are not tangible items but rather the stories about the people who delivered the mission. He wants the DI stories to be that all employees were committed to the mission, leaned forward, and treated others with respect.

Ready for the Future

As combat missions decline and diplomatic missions increase, Gaffney believes that the company has a good mix of services that cover combat, non-combat and reconstruction operations. And as Gaffney stated, it’s the best team that generally wins at the end of the day.

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