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DynCorp International Sponsors Leadership Development Training in Afghanistan

DynCorp International sponsored the first Leadership Development training course in to those working in the Afghanistan National Police/Ministry of Interior Development Program (AMDP) and Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A) in Kabul, Afghanistan.

DI team members attended the three-day, hands-on, learning experience focused on building skills in leadership competence areas.

The Leadership 201 course was conducted by Steve Dwyer, Chief Learning Officer at DynCorp International and Lee Bason, Executive VP, The Flippen Group.

The training focused on the principle that people work better for leaders who are not only competent, but who care about their employees and are committed to their success. Attendees received evaluations that showed them how their behaviors are perceived by coworkers, how they compare to the rest of the population, and how they compare to high-performers. The training also revolved around the theory of Overcoming Personal Constraints (OPC), which teaches people how to break the constraints that limit performance and hinder growth.

“We believe that it’s not our strengths that ultimately determine our success, but our ability to become self-aware with regards to our constraints and how those constraints impact ourselves and our teammates. All of us have personal constraints but those who manage them best, will have the greatest opportunities to win for themselves, their families, and for DynCorp International,” Bason said.

After the training session, participants developed TrAction Plans designed to help manage their constraints and become more effective teammates during one-on-one coaching sessions.

“I was blown away by the feedback from the DI team. During our one-on-one sessions, it was clear that improving their leadership skills is a priority,” said Bason.

DynCorp International Empowers Its People

One of DynCorp International’s core values is “We Empower,” and leveraging training and development opportunities is just one way DI embraces that value. To provide effective talent management and support to employees, DI supports a company culture that empowers employees by enhancing knowledge, skills, and experiences and maximizes performance.

Along with training from The Flippen Group, DI offers an interactive Leadership 101 course to all employees which encourages continuing development as a leader within DynCorp International. Leadership 101 helps DI team members identify important aspects of DI culture and how to apply them in their current roles.

About The Flippen Group

The Flippen Group was founded in 1990 by educator, author, psychotherapist, and business coach, Flip Flippen. The Flippen Group provides training to companies and specializes in leadership development for organizations in North America. The Flippen Group has offices across the U.S. and in Australia.

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