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Lean Six Sigma Customer Service Philosophy

When it comes to providing quality customer service, DynCorp International team members execute what’s called the “Lean Six Sigma” process. The Lean Production System was developed by Toyota to cut waste, reduce costs and improve resource utilization and cycle times. Six Sigma was the zero-variation quality system which transformed GE into one of the world’s most efficient and valuable corporations. Combining the two into the Lean Six Sigma process improvement system takes us to the next level of improvement by uniting process speed and process quality to create value for customers and shareholders. Whether the customer is the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force, or the Navy, Lean Six Sigma methodology is used to lean out processes to eliminate non-value added steps to increase efficiency. This same process is used to build in quality through elimination of variation in work processes. Lean Six Sigma is a tool that enables DI to uphold its reputation for excellence as a global government service provider.

“We utilize the Lean Six Sigma process to help us increase efficiency,” said Tony Garcia, Site Manager for U.S. Navy Support at DynCorp International. The processes helps DI reduce the amount of hours it takes to complete a unit and to reduce turnaround times,” Garcia explains. “This gives us the ability to get the product back to the customer better, faster and cheaper.”

A Seamless Service from Start to Finish

From services that build and repair units for aviation and air operations, to the technical mechanics needed during operations and maintenance, the Lean Six Sigma process helps to create a seamless manufacturing practice from start to finish. “Our Lean Six Sigma process is a bottom-up approach,” said Garcia.

What makes the tactic uniquely systemic is that DynCorp International relies on the technical know-how of its own employees.

“We use technicians and mechanics off the floor,” said Garcia. “They devise a problem statement. They analyze the problem. Then they devise the answer. It’s the employees who perform the work who actually come up with the solutions – that is what allows us to sustain the solutions.”

Cutting Down Service Time

DynCorp International is committed to continuous process improvement. The Lean Six Sigma process allows the company to provide expertly conceived and professionally executed services to meet the complex demands of today’s world.

“We’ve been able to cut the amount of hours it takes to complete a unit by up to – in some cases – 60 to 70 percent,” said Garcia.

Lean Six Sigma helps DynCorp International integrate its many competencies to provide customer service solutions that fit each client and situation.

Garcia explains. “The process helps bring a culture of compliance, accountability and relentless performance to each project and task. Best of all, it increases productivity.”

“All this means that we’re able to get the product back to the customer in a more timely fashion, which pleases the customer,” said Garcia.

Visit DI’s website for more information on DynCorp International’s commitment to quality customer service.

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