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Major General Jeffrey Buchanan Discusses Improvements in the Iraqi Police Forces

Major General Jeffrey Buchanan, Director of Strategic Effects, J9, was at the Center for a New American Security headquarters in Washington, D.C. last week to discuss “Operation New Dawn: Bridge to an Enduring Partnership.” In his discussion, he described his experience in training police forces in Iraq, the improvements in the Iraqi police force and implications for the future.

“Month to month, year to year, it is very rewarding because you see the changes from a long term perspective. The light bulbs do, in fact, go off. So the Iraqi military and security forces we have now are very different than the ones we saw in the past. This is one of the things that causes me to be hopeful for the future,” said Buchanan of his experience working with Iraqi police officers.

Buchanan also made remarks on specific examples of how Iraqi police has improved, citing, “they recognize and they regularly take on what their weaknesses are, what their needs are. They look at their performance very closely when they conduct operations and maybe even more importantly, when it doesn’t go well,” said Buchanan. “What they do now is a pretty thorough critique of themselves and apply what they learn.”

Buchanan attributes the developments in Iraq to having the right personnel on site, proper preparation and the importance of training during this transition.

About Major General Jeffrey Buchanan

Buchanan previously served as the Senior Light Infantry Trainer for the National Training Center, the Director of Combat Development at the U.S. Army Infantry Center where he deployed as the Director of Operations, Coalition Military Assistance Training Team, an organization charged with manning, training, and equipping the Iraqi Armed Forces.

In 2005, he deployed with elements of the 2nd Brigade, 75th Division (Training Support) in Iraq, where he served on the Special Police Transition Teams for the Iraqi Police Commando Division.

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