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DynCorp International Supports the Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron One (MPSRON-1)

DynCorp International team members have provided communications support for the Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron One (MPSRON-1) flagship for 11 years under a contract with United States Navy for the operation and maintenance of Communication Suites aboard Military Sealift Command vessels.

As Squadron One was retired on September 28, 2012, DI’s Navy Military Sealift Command’s Communication Suites program was recognized by the U.S. Navy for its support.

“As the communications contracting company aboard the flagship of this fine squadron, I thought it fitting to send you a disestablishment coin recognizing the great work that DynCorp has done. Communication is the backbone of any successful mission. DynCorp has been an integral part of our success for years. Please accept this coin as a token of my appreciation for the fine work your team has done,” said R.W. Polk, Captain, U.S. Navy, in a letter accompanied by a commemorative coin.

“We support the commodore and Navy staff on the three flagship vessels,” Mike McFarlin, DI program manager for the Navy Military Sealift Command’s Communication Suites comments. “If they write a Naval message, we send it; if they phone or email, we handle the transmission. We have a DI communications representative in the communications suite 24/7, 365 days a year.”

DI also provides communications support for Squadron Two, positioned in the Indian Ocean, and Squadron Three, positioned in the western Pacific Ocean.

The squadrons consist of multiple cargo ships that carry enough supplies to support a Marine air or ground task force for up to 30 days.

“They’re floating warehouses,” McFarlin explains. “More than 600 feet long by 106 feet wide and 10 stories high – they carry trucks, tanks, bulldozers as well as food, military hospital equipment and barges to offload it all.”

Squadron One was disestablished as the Navy repositions its fleet and geographic focus. Since 1985, its ships maintained a presence in the Mediterranean Sea, conducting port visits and multi-national exercises. Now, Squadron One flagship USNS 2ND LT. JOHN P. BOBO, named in honor of a Marine recipient of the Medal of Honor, will serve as an alternate flagship for Squadron Three.

“Our company has tremendous depth of experience in the area of maritime support. We have managed oil spill response vessels, oceanographic research vessels and depot-level maintenance of prepositioned hospitals units. Just a few years back, we even managed the overhaul of the USS INTREPID,” said McFarlin. “This is our twelfth year supporting the Military Sealift Command and it shows the respect and appreciation the customer has for the work we’ve done and continue to do.”

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