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How DynCorp International Employees Ensure Quality Parts for DI Customers

Metallurgy is study of the the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, or alloys. In aviation maintenance, metallurgy is used to identify imperfections before equipment leaves the warehouse or production floor. Metallurgy is often used in manufacturing and engineering to provide failure analysis.

Mike Schofield, aircraft mechanic for DynCorp International, uses metallurgy and Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) procedures to test equipment for DynCorp International programs.

“I deal with all types of aircraft support equipment and aircraft parts – from prop tools for the E-2 Hawkeyes to aircraft spotting dolleys,” said Schofield.

A 360-Degree Inspection Approach

From inspections that build and repair units for aviation and air operations, to the mechanics needed during operations and maintenance, Schofield’s technical know-how is a seamless test and inspection practice from start to finish. It’s a 360-degree approach.

“Some of the tools I use on the metal involve ultrasonics, or sound waves, eddy-current, or alternating current, magnetism and fluorescent penetrants,” said Schofield.

Metallurgy can detect defects that cannot be found through visual inspection – even the smallest cracks – ensuring the aircraft parts used in military aircraft are of top quality.

For example, when using ultrasonics prior to disassembling a part, if sound waves produce an image inside a metal piece, further analysis can be done to pinpoint the defect inside of the part. Detecting these faults is an important part of keeping aircraft equipment safe.

“We inspect the equipment at 100 percent. We take care of them before they get out to their locations. We have to send out quality parts to the troops,” said Schofield.

DynCorp International’s Aviation Business

This work is part of the support DynCorp International’s Aviation business provides its customers, important support that allows military aircraft to safely perform their missions.

Aviation experts from DynCorp International are there to support various customers’ aviation needs around the world, from upgrades for aircraft, engineering design, building and installing kits, to upgrading avionics and more.

DynCorp International teams are in the field making these vital equipment upgrades no matter what risks are involved.

Visit DI’s website for more information on DynCorp International’s Aviation business.

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