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Military Skills Translator Added to DynCorp International Careers Site

military skills translator

To help aid military personnel searching for jobs on the DynCorp International Careers site, a Military Skills Translator has been added to help identify civilian jobs that align with candidates’ military specialties and skills. “DynCorp International values the experience veterans bring to its global programs and the Military Skills Translator is a great tool for candidates to find the opportunities for which they are most qualified,” said Kwan Reid, recruiting director, Worldwide Recruiting & Staffing Services LLC (WRSS), DynCorp International’s recruiting subsidiary.

Military Skills Translator, the nation’s largest military and veteran online membership organization and a business unit of Monster Worldwide, Inc. partnered to create the Military Skills Translator, an online tool designed for military personnel transitioning into the civilian job market. Job searches for some military personnel can be difficult if candidates are unaware of what civilian careers best compliment their skill set. Language and terminology also often differ within the military and civilian fields. The translator converts military specialties into civilian occupations and identifies open opportunities within an organization that would best match the user’s qualifications.

About WRSS

WRSS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DynCorp International that provides professional recruiting and staffing solutions for the DynCorp International family of companies. WRSS is always searching for the right candidates to join the DI team. For more information on open opportunities and how you can join the DI team, visit

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  1. emad al safadi says

    Dear Sir
    I looking for job vacancy as a translator with military skills I worked as a translator in iraq with the USMC and as a site manager for reconstruction iraq was responsible for lifer support to the American Army and now I am running my own company , team leader of the interpreters for the EL 13 & EL 14 ,Translator For The ATA Program , WMD Program , with the UN agencies & The American Embassy

  2. Amanullah Nasrat says

    i have more than 5 years experience in the field of translation and interpretation with national and international organizations i will be looking forward to hear from DI

  3. Medhat Ismail says

    I was working as DOD at IRAQ with TITAN Systems Corp from Jan First ,2003 till Dec.31, 2004 (Two Years )
    I was a TRANSLATOR / INTERPRETER Arabic/English and vice versa

  4. Violet gaichugi says

    Dear sir/ madam.i would like to apply any kind of job . I ave done customercare and public relations, fire fighting and experienced receptinist from Muscat international hotel. Am a Kenyan 27years with addional courses of computer packages diploma and B.C. E drivers. Thanks in andvance.

  5. Mohamed Aly says

    I am a translator, Arabic/English with some military experience.

    I served with GENERAL DYNAMICS in Saudi Arabia as Arabic/English translator/interpreter, training the Saudi Armor corps.

    I also have a scientific back ground as I have a Master degree in Chemistry.

    I worked as a linguist also for translating media articles such as newspapers, magazines, and talk shows.

    I can work either as full time job or as a free lancer.

  6. sayedamanuddin says

    Dear sir or maam i was as atranslator with us army for awhile in afghanistan with mep this is pleasure for me join them as atranslator with dyncorp company.feel frèe contact to in my email any time thanks bye.

  7. W***j Gary says

    this is Wahaj. i was translator with Counter terrorist squadron (Green Berets &SAS) in overseas. i wondering if there any open job vacancies , in Iraq either Afghanistan . or Iran .

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