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DynCorp International NASA Team Earns Safety and Health Award

The DynCorp International (DI) team working in support of NASA at Johnson Space Center (JSC) was awarded the Contractor Safety & Health Forum (CSF)’s Safety & Health Excellence Award. The recognition was awarded in March 2014 by the NASA JSC Contractor Affairs Safety Committee.

The awards recognize contractor organizations that have demonstrated Excellence in Safety and Health and significant participation in JSC Safety and Health activities.

Each candidate company submitted their respective application with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) incidence rate safety data; management and employee participation level in JSC safety events; and a description of their safety best practices, safety innovations and service to the JSC community. The information submitted was evaluated and scored by an awards committee consisting of contractor representatives. The committee reviewed the submissions to determine if the candidates met the required criteria.

The award included recognition for the Company’s successful effort in working with NASA to mitigate risk of injury by installing a cargo lift alongside a steep staircase so heavy items can be safely transported by machine.

“Teamwork and safety awareness prevailed to create a safer workplace,” commented Jim Snowden, DynCorp International program manager.

DynCorp International NASA Program

DI has worked with NASA since June 2012, providing support services for flight operations, maintenance, repairs and alterations to aircraft, component parts and support equipment and engineering services. Additional services include spaceflight readiness training, airborne research and development and flight test support.

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