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National Defense University Visits DynCorp International

DynCorp International (DI) hosted students from the National Defense University (NDU) at the McLean, Virginia office on Friday, April 12.

The students are part of the National Defense University’s competitive Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy. The nearly year-long curriculum prepares select military officers and civilians for leadership roles and success in developing national security strategy. Graduates are taught skills that can be used to better evaluate, marshal, and manage resources in the execution of military strategies. Many graduates of the program go on to hold leadership positions throughout the government and become executives in industry.

Topics varied from an overview of what DI does, to specific program details, to finance. One area of concentration was DynCorp International’s ability to stand up high-performing, rapid response teams that offer unique, tailored solutions. For example, there were questions about how DI approaches complex tasks like responding to natural disasters when resources can be scarce and needs are ever-changing. The group was also interested in learning how DI successfully implements large scale programs quickly while maintaining our high-quality standards and our companies’ core values.

The seventeen scholars represented a diverse group with a wide array of experience and included members of U.S. Armed Forces, select inter-agency civilians, and representatives from Tanzania, Croatia, Italy, and Bosnia and Herzegovina armed forces. Attendees hold ranks in the military including Commanders, Lieutenants, Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels. The group heard from three presenters, Jim Cassella, SVP Business Development; Janet Oliver, SVP Business Development; and Robert Tillery, SVP Operations.

We look forward to continuing to engage with the National Defense University for years to come!

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