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DynCorp International Supports NATO Kosovo Force at Camp Bondsteel

camp bondsteel dyncorp intlDynCorp International Contract Field Team (CFT) members at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, support the U.S. Army’s Theater Sustainment Manager assigned to the aviation taskforce supporting NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR).

The team provides all levels of aircraft maintenance support, including limited depot repairs, in support of KFOR’s aviation taskforce. Services that are routinely provided include scheduled preventive maintenance checks and services, airframe structural repairs, troubleshooting and repair of aircraft systems, and back shop component repairs.

DI has provided continuous aircraft maintenance support to KFOR since May 2001. In addition to quality aircraft maintenance support, these DI team members serve as an invaluable source of continuity during the transition period between unit nine-month cycle rotations.

The aircraft maintenance support in this program often involves military helicopters that have inspection cycles that include daily, intermediate and periodic inspections. The inspection interval, or number of flight hours between inspections, may be different for each type of aircraft, but ultimately each aircraft’s inspection cycle will culminate in a periodic Phased Maintenance Inspection (PMI).

The PMI inspection is a comprehensive and thorough inspection of the complete aircraft, ensuring that there are no safety-of-flight conditions.

“Each aircraft’s deferred workload is different, and there is no way to know beforehand what safety-of-flight conditions may exist. However the DI team at Camp Bondsteel excels at being able to anticipate challenges and being flexible enough to meet the requirements of a changing scenario,” said John Purdy, DynCorp International site supervisor.

DynCorp International Contract Field Teams

Through CFT teams such as the DynCorp International team at Camp Bondsteel, team members accomplish depot, intermediate and organizational level inspection, maintenance, modification and repair at operational Government locations worldwide.

The CFT program supports Air Force requirements at each of the Air Logistics Centers (ALCs), Air Combat Commands (ACC), Air Mobility Commands (AMC), Air Force Reserves (AFRES) and Air National Guards (ANG). CFT contracts are also used to support requirements generated by the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other Federal agencies.

The CFT program provides a rapid deployment capability to field necessary skilled technicians on-site, anywhere they are needed to support the Government’s war readiness and posture planning needs.

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  1. Justyn Manning says

    I am simply willing to go through as much training needed to be accepted into this job, also I speak some albanian and learning Serbian (currently in the process of both)

  2. Besim Krasniqi says

    Deare staff DynCorp hawry good. A ame heppy wroyt fory.
    Place cenahelp formy jobs place.
    Endmy finishe dhe yuniversty ekonomik no strty job for momentin.
    enmy yes worc2001 wan jeyar keyfor finishe kontrat.yes worc2006 6 month finish kontrat . formomentin no job.Place yu lukin help formy Place. yes merriod ty boy no many no good ekonomy wery problem place yu lukin help place. yu welkom.phon 044 651 547 bay.

    • Alban says

      My name is Alban and i am interested to work for your company
      As we speak i have worked in Camp Bonsteel as a Associate Safety Coordinator and i have attended many OSHA courses and posses professional certificates I’m willing to work for your company “If Possible”, so please do let me know if there are any open positions at any time
      My best Regards

  3. Muhamed Kosumi says


    I am writing regarding employments opportunities, interests me because it will allow me to use my skills and will enable me to learn more.
    I will bring to you the following skills:
    Good organizational and communication skill.
    Dedication at work, ability to complete an administrative work.
    Readiness to work under pressure and to face new challenge.
    Self-confidence and patient with peoples.
    Communication and issues resolution ability.
    Ability to communicate with staff, and motivate them, to increase efficiency.
    Resourceful, creative and solution oriented, frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to my assigned projects.
    Ability to resolve job requirements into achievable goals.
    Team work player.
    My education, experiences (especially in TEB Bank and MEP) combined with my enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly makes me an excellent match for the position.
    I would welcome the opportunity to put my skills and experience to work for you and look forward to further discussing my qualifications with you in person. I can be reached at +386-49-342-585, LinkedIn, by email at or Skype at muhamedkosumi.


    Muhamed Kosumi

  4. Jeton says

    hi , my name is Jeton , i’m interested to join the US Army , im from Kosovo , my language is Albanian , i also speak English very good and a little Spanish , i graduate high school, Diploma on Constum and Economy 2009-2010 , accepted in the University Of Architecture in Kosovo ,i have the diploma been member of training from US Solider’s with students from high school .
    Diploma that I have also been member of education and debates projects with non-govermental organizations ( INPO , Iniciative For Progres Organisation ) ,
    im looking for any job that my information will help on, i would join the US Army in camp Bondsteal too
    thank you , waiting for replay
    Jeton B. ,

    phone #. 044 867 212

  5. Daniel says

    I was told there are a couple of Security positions available at Bondsteel, but I am open for anything OCONUS. I have Armed Security experience, Certified Peace Officer, I’ve held a TS/SCI, Network and Intelligence Analyst experience. I am physically fit and my passport is here ready to go! What will I need to do in order to fill one of these positions?

    Thank you in advance,

  6. adnan stublla says

    Hi my name is adnan i was look for a job. I speak english and albanian i. My phone number is +37745800975 thank you for your time to read this…

  7. Bajram says

    Hi my name is bajram Zeka I am interested to work at camp bondsteel enything I speak English well and also speak little bit grecce contact:nr 049 879 826

  8. Mehmet Mhemeti says

    Hi my name is Mehmet Mhemeti im working in Afghanistan right now , but im looking for a job in camp Bondsteel if you have any available possition you can contact me in this email thank you

  9. Afrim says

    My name is Afrim i was until 2014 in Afghanistan , But i have experience of security guard i was work for UN and have certification for weapons .am interesting to work for your company .
    cell phone to contact me :+37744533866 also +38649856819

  10. Besim says

    Hi my name Besim Krasniqi from Kosovo.
    But have experienx work kamp Slim lains prishtina work kompany Fm tuner yes experience work oll work this is kamp. finishe dhe yuniversty ekonomik yes erriod ty boy.Place yu lukin help formy oll job no problem .Phon
    044 651 547 yu welkom . good lock usa work kosovo.


  11. Sadbere says

    I’ll like working vith USA security I’m from Kosovo im at USA right naow I can working two position at one time security and Albanian English translater I’m 39 age I like to hear from ya thank ya Sadbere keka

  12. Islam says

    My name is Islam i was until 2007 in 2011 in Iraq , But i have experience of Warehouseman i was work for Kbr inc and have certification for Warehouseman .Am interesting to work for your company .
    cell phone to contact me :+37744922964

  13. Tony says

    I ma Tony from Pristina and i am interested to join and work with you in mission like in Afghanistan or Iraq
    i have several certificated diplomas and experience like 10 years in UNMIK and nearly 2 years with OSCE Mission in Kosovo
    regards and hope on your choice
    tel +37744308760

  14. Flamur says

    Hi . I am Flamur . I have a university degree and I can translate in four different languages , english , albanian , german and spanish language . My cell number is +37744284932

  15. Bill Pemberton says

    Ex-US Army Infantry 10 years.Many years of guard duty as well as being in charge of many shifts.I am physically fit,don’t smoke or drink and have a passport.I do not however have a security clearance.I am willing to travel and am ready to go at a moments notice.

  16. darijo galić says

    Hi! i came from Croatia and i am fireman and would like to work in camp.I am team player,speak fluent english and croatian – .serbian.

  17. babar says

    I am ex communication operator from pak navy and wiiling to work overseas. I have an experience of 24 years in communication(Radio)/ESM/Radar operation.

  18. James taggart says

    I am ex army with secret clearance worked in Kosovo for its before as a force protection officer looking to come back I also have several security missions in Iraq as a security supervisor and static supervisor please contact

    Thank you
    James Taggart

  19. Mentor Zejnullahu says


    my name is Mentor , i’m interested to join the US Army , my language is Albanian , i also speak English and German,i graduated Physiotherapy at University of Prishtina.
    I am writing regarding employments opportunities, interests me because it will allow me to use my skills and will enable me to learn more.
    I will bring to you the following skills of Physiotherapy:
    -a genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of patients.
    -good teamwork skills.
    -the ability to use your initiative.
    -good interpersonal skills.
    -the ability to be firm yet encouraging.

    im looking for any job that my information will help on, i would join the US Army in camp Bondsteal too
    thank you , waiting for replay.
    Thank you
    Mentor Zejnullahu

  20. Kaltrina Ibishi says

    Hello my name is Kaltrina Ibishi.I am from Fushkosova,i am 23 years old am studing on the layer terms on the university of Pristina.The languages i know are albania,german,english just on the basic terms.I did worked as a call agent on some companys with the german language.It would be a pleasure for me if i could works with you on the future.Tel.045219181
    With much respect Kaltrina Ibishi

  21. Blerim says

    Hi my name is Blerim Sherifi, I am from Gjilani Kosovo. I am 25 years old. I am graduated in the english language deparment in prishtina in 2013 and right now i am in the last semester of my master studies at SEE- University Tetovo Macedonia in ELT -english language teaching. I am interested to get a job in camp bondsteel if there is any free place of work . My english is fluently as the Master of english i hope to be by may of 2016. Please if you need more information, that’s my number phone 044913435 and my e-email too !

  22. Besim says

    Deare sttaf Kopany DynCorp.
    May name:Besim Krasniqi from:Kosovo
    For my yes interesting apply oll job thsis kompany.
    Place yu lukin help.Phon 044 651 547
    good job DunCorp Kosovo .
    Good lock

  23. Besnik Sadiku says

    Lived, studied, and worked in the USA for about 20 years, and currently moved to Kosovo and I live in Mitrovica.
    While living in the USA I have completed High School and graduated in a Top Ten. Continued my education and got university degree with Bachelor of Science in Management Computer System major and Web Development Administration minor from UWW. Have Graduate Development Program Certificate from UW-Madison in Executive School of Business.
    Have more than 10 years of professional IT work experience with private companies and non profit organizations with job titles as Programmer Analyst, Database Administrator, Web Developer, Database Developer, .NET Developer and IT Consultant.
    Fluent in English, Albanian, and other languages like Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish and French.
    Please contact me if interested at my skills and IT knowledge.

  24. Ylberina says

    Hi, I’m Ylberina Tershani ,20 years old, i am studing economy ,fluent in english and albanian.If there’s any available job i would love to work on your camp. **************

  25. Enver says

    Hi my name is Enver l live in california right now . I am planning to move in Kosovo in a few months l Like to get a job on camp bonsteel in Kosovo . I been work for wallmart for 16 years l have great comunication skills with people l have been running the backroom as a superviser for 5 yars l have experience on inventory controll specialist l have experience on working under the pressure as well l am very good on working with people l have experience on heavy equipment like walkie stocker forklift electrik jack l am always good on comin up with solution l make a empack all the time because l Like to impress people with my skills . I like from you to give mee oppurtunity please . My contact number in Us is *** *** **** ….. In Kosovo is ************ l hope to hear from you …

  26. Rich says

    Looking to apply for the a security position at camp bon steel on kosovo been doing armed security for a little over 3 years and have excellent communication skills. for my resume I will forward to you guys once contacted and give out more information at that point, thank you.

  27. Erduan Morina says

    Hello my Name is Erduan Morina i’am from Kosovo city of Peja i’am 22 year old i speak very good English language i know very well to write and i’am a student.

    I Can work in team group and i have a good communication i’am really interested to work there


  28. Mentor Jusufi says

    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mentor Jusufi. I have long experience I’ve worked in LOGCAP II Project, Balkan Region and LOGCAP IV for Fluor in Afghanistan, US Forward Operating Base Shank,Altimur,Joyce,Airborne and Bagram Air field. Therefore I am writing to you to ask about any potential vacancies and job opportunities that might be available at your Company at present or in the near future. I am currently seeking new employment .

    As I hope you’ll consider me to hire, I have a very strong work ethic and maintain the utmost standards of professionalism in all of my work fields. My list of achievements when I last worked at the numerous Companies, is included on the enclosed Resume. Outstanding knowledge and previous experience in Laundry Operations, Cargo Specialists Field,Warehouse and Logistic Manager,Plumbing and partially Food Service I would be grateful for any opportunities you might be able to offer in any of the listed

  29. ismail says

    Regards my name is Ismail Elmazi I am 45 Y.old since from 1999 untill 2014 I worked for Unmik police, Eulex police, Kfor, for languages English, Serbian ,Albanian,and these days I am working as security officer in Prishtina and Prizren city, I worked in different fields, my position was interpreter but some times worked also at admin and as supervisor, I have finished high school in Belgrade hotel managements, would like to work for you next 25 years as language gate-ramps assistant.

    sincerely Ismail

  30. Egzon says

    Hi I am Egzon Qiku I am almost 18 years old and I just graduated from high school Gymnasium “Kuvendi i Arberit” and I would like to attend a job in Bondsteel Camp.I have worked in a lounge coffe bar as a chef assistent,as a waiter and a little time as a bartender. I have good abilities on speaking english,I was also attending english course held by your camp soldiers in the Ferizaj youth center. It is not a problem for job positions I can work any job I think can handle.I would be very grateful if you would accept me for a job. Sincerly Egzon Qiku

  31. Getoar says

    Hi, i am Getoar from Ferizaj, Kosovo and i am 21 years old.
    It is not that i have any special experience in any profession but i am a fast learner and very productive, i own some skills at web programming in both front end and back end parts.
    I have heard that during the summer are some summer jobs for students and i would be pleased if i could get any type of work inside the camp.
    I have taken the TOEFL test two years ago and i have scored 89 points, also i have taken some english courses this way i think i do not have any problem in speaking and understanding english language.
    It would be great if i could get this job, hopefully i will get a positive response from your side.

  32. Vehbi says

    Hi my name is vehbi sylejmani from ferizaj know i live in germani i like to work for your company bicous i spik well german language and english
    With Reguard vehbi.

  33. nestor mejia says

    good day at camp bondsteel kosovo i am nestor mejia fr philippines i would like to apply my job in you being armedguard security/i am ex-military w/ the field w/other of in logistic supply@guard the sir to find my job in behalf of my famili and i want to get my formal education someday god bless all

  34. Florim Beshiri says

    Hello dear stuff,
    Im Florim Beshiri from Podujevo i saw this post and i wanted to write a little about my interested to work with any International Base here in Kosovo in any place that needed .
    I worked as a Warehouse Manager at Film City in the PX-s
    This is my Personal skills.
    I know Englis,Spanis,Serbian,and German
    During now i worked as IT-Internet Technician also

    Best Regard
    Florim Beshiri

  35. Nikolche Jakimovski says

    Job opportunity- Security officer armed ,Afghanistan-FORCE protection, QRF,DRIVER armored vehicle, static guard armed, maritime security officer

  36. emin halimi says

    hi i m emin i m from gjilan i m interesiert foure joob my joob experiens oder my profesione is farmer pica becer ,driver ,cartenpilar, eand my schooll is economice eand i speak englishe doiche serbien not prefecte bat i …..

  37. Bartłomiej Urban says

    My name is Bartłomiej Urban,i am 38 years old,retired soldier from Poland .From may 2017 I will live in Kosovo.I have 18 years experience of soldier plus 3 time in mission.I would like to work for your company
    Warm Regards

  38. islam morina says

    aj em morina islam morina from kosovo security guard henderson jes diploma security guard jes diploma qertifikata borking euleks jo diploma origjinale jes henderson euleks kosovo diploma biznes diplomatic

  39. islam morina says

    maj nem morina islam morina kosovo 1971from prizren kosovo adresa rruste kabashi221 prizren jes family 4children jes ok skul ekonomi jes diploma biznis diploma diplomatic jes compjuter diploma origjinale jes henderson ok qerifikate besa security guard delta security guard jobs king security ipko prizren bllek pantera kazino jes ballkan unternejshen jes osb delta akp luani kompani jes jes besa security i camp prizren jes vork gytbey gyt bey inres vork kamp

  40. banu says

    My name is banu and am looking for job Afghanistan army base i got 6 years experience in Afghanistan. am ready to do any kind & where it is.

  41. Omer says

    Hello,Im from Serbia but living now on Kosovo city Ferizaj.I was in Bond Steel US army base or KFOR better to say.Im seeking for job,normally I work like Security Guard but can work and another jobs.Im 30 years old.if you have any offer please contact me bicause I dont care in wich Country I will goo.know whit weapons also so thats all. Mine phone number is [redacted] or email adress [redacted]….Thanks

  42. Ashley Nash says

    I am currently searching for a job as a surgical technician or medical assistant in Kosovo. My fiancé is moving there for a contract and I am moving with him.

  43. Mandeep Kumar says

    My name is Mandeep Kumar and am looking for job Afghanistan army base i got 2 years experience in Afghanistan. am ready to do any kind & where it is.

  44. islam says

    Majnem Islam Morina from prizrwn Kosovo rogjen makedonije veles I zhivo Kosovo security guard jobs companies Kosovo 10 yer vork kompanie Henderson camp farmakos euleks diplome Henderson certificate security jobs companies Henderson besa king Bllek pantera sidi vod moment Comando security yes h

  45. islam says

    Islam Morina male 40 yer from Kosovo prizren family yrs inrsdet jobs dynercop yes diploma computer diploma biznis diplomaaci makedonski serpski English dojq✈ litll pasport Kosovo rogjem makedonija veles zhivo prizrwn Kosovo tel[redacted] agencija open prizren kauzol Kosovo prizren agencija director makedonski

  46. Mark says

    I have 10 years of progressive MX experience on H-60 aircraft in the Structural Repair field performing field level and Depot level MX with USAF CSAR units. Are there still openings at Bondsteel? I am currently working in Iraq with Lockheed Martin in their Iraq Air Force F-16 program. No stranger to remote locations.

  47. Marjeta Bylygbashi says


    My name is Marjeta, I’m a Kosovar citizen, currently living and working in Suhareka. In July of 2018 I graduated from the University of Prizren with a BA in English Language and Literature, I was volunteer for the American Corner for three years where I partook in various seminars and collaborations with the US Embassy in Kosovo. I would love to work for your company if there are any vacancies that requrie my skills. If you would like for me to send my CV please contact me on my e-mail.

  48. islam morina says

    majnem islam.morina from.kosovo oficer securitu gaurd licenca qertificate security gaird henderson.yes diploma.biznis compjuter diplomacy euleks camp henderson.scurity guard..kosovo prizren osb vork organizatasave the children secyeitu gaurd ye islam morina. prizren.kosov ok.vacap direct [number redacted]

  49. islam morina says

    islam morina.higsh skol.ekonomi diploma.biznis secyeity gaurd henserson camp vork euleks emisione.kosovo prizren camp farmakso prizren.3 yer ok.tim.lider diploamcy diploma.biznis. [number redacted]

  50. Albin Shabani says

    My name is Albin Shabani,i’am 18 years old and i’m from Ferizaj/Kosovo.
    I got craft of district heating and electricity for 1 and a halft years in private company.
    I’m interesting in a new place to work.

    Thank You!.

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