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Operations and Maintenance are There When Needed

dyncorp international operations and maintenance

When it comes to operations and maintenance, no job is too small or too big for DynCorp International (DI). Our highly experienced DI team is ready for whatever may arise in any part of the world to support a rapid-response emergency, or set up and maintain a long term engagement.

Operations and maintenance is a ground-support operation that involves critical roles like site development and operations, vehicle- and ground-support equipment, security and training.

Providing a Customized Approach to Base-Operation Support Services

DynCorp International has years of experience in base-operation support services worldwide and has operated and managed global installations of all kinds –  from a small remote camp to a facility the size of a small city.

DI’s approach to a customer’s needs and going beyond traditional facility management is what helps a mission succeed.

DI can quickly and efficiently deliver a full range of services from planning, building, and maintaining the facilities to life support. Highly-trained DynCorp International employees, most with military training, secure the premises, or train others to effectively safeguard the area.

DI teams plan, build, operate, and maintain all types of facilities. DI can go to any location and set up barracks and forward bases with any utility necessary to support the mission.

Knowing the Importance of Vehicle- and Ground-Support Equipment

The team members at DynCorp International not only provide global maintenance for a variety of vehicles and ground support equipment, they are also specially trained to complete modifications to an array of military and commercial equipment. Some of these specialized modifications include:

  • Replacing and modifying armor to vehicles
  •  Kit installation
  • Configuration management

Skilled at Training Others to Succeed

DynCorp International guarantees their training.

Operations and maintenance teams work closely with OEM engineers and use only state-of-the-art production facilities. DI trainers use comprehensive curriculum and specialize in vehicle training. They also offer new-equipment training to train customers to produce their own top-rated instructors and key personnel within their own company.

A Well Rounded Team

Whether you need a turnkey solution or a long-term plan, DynCorp International’s operations and maintenance team can provide a detailed approach that will ensure your mission is a success.

DI takes great pride in their supporting role of keeping Americans and nations safe worldwide.


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