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Peshmerga MPV Program and the COVID-19 Pandemic

On the Peshmerga Multi-Platform Vehicle Program (MPVP), DynCorp International provides maintenance, logistics and on-the-job training for the Peshmerga military on multiple types of vehicles in Erbil, Iraqi (Kurdistan). It is a knowledge transfer program designed to increase the Peshmerga maintenance personnel’s ability to perform vehicle maintenance and repairs.

“Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we’ve implemented several measures to keep our workforce and customers safe and reduce exposure,” said Quentin Harvey, MPV program manager. “The MPVP team has been following all DI safety protocols as well as the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the U.S. Consulate Erbil.”

“DI personnel have been restricted to the Life Support Areas (LSA) when not at the base work site in accordance with local guidelines,” said Dan Breedlove, site manager. “The LSA has been great – staff are courteous and helpful; the buffet updated to accommodate western tastes; transport provided to the Swedish hospital when needed; COVID-19 status update reports provided daily; and the gym recently reopened to DI personnel only.”

Upon entering the LSA, all personnel undergo a temperature check and hand sanitizer dispensation. All rooms receive a routinely scheduled disinfectant process. Common areas have been altered to adhere to social distancing recommendations, such as limiting points of entry, closure of the facility gym to other patrons, and removing or spacing out tables per the KRG Ministry of Health.

The security escort service, VSC Security Solutions, provides escort and security services shuttling DI employees and others from the LSA to the work site. Vehicle occupants observe all safety guidelines including mask wearing.

“DI works closely with the staff at our main medical facility in Erbil, the Swedish Specialist Hospital,” added Breedlove. “The Swedish Hospital will provide transportation of possible COVID-19 infected persons from the LSA to one of the two treatment hospitals designated by the KRG Ministry of Health to house all coronavirus patients.”

“The Peshmerga authority is extremely happy with the progress and outcome of the program,” said Breedlove. “DI has received much needed repair parts enabling us to restore the Peshmerga’s wheel vehicle fleets to include heavy engineer and material handling equipment. Our work contributes significantly to the sustainment and readiness of the Peshmerga military.”

“We are doing everything we can to keep our employees safe while continuing our important mission to help the Peshmerga military eventually function in a self-supporting role,” said Harvey. “I’m proud of the team for all their hard work to keep the mission going despite working in an austere environment during the pandemic.”

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