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DynCorp International Philippines Operations Support Program Awarded $18.3 Million Contract Modification

POS programDynCorp International has been awarded a contract modification to continue supporting the U.S. Government in the Republic of the Philippines. The modification is the third option year awarded to provide operations support services.

“The DI team is proud to support the U.S. Government in the Philippines, providing best-in-class support services,” said Ronnie Stokes, DynCorp International senior program director.

Work performed under this contract includes all labor, supervision, management, tools, materials, equipment, facilities, transportation, incidental engineering, and other necessary support services. DI has supported this program since 2008.

This is the third of four, one-year options to be exercised with a value of $18.3 million. The contract was originally awarded in June 2012.

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  1. ROY E BARRERA says

    Interested to work for DynCorp International in the Philippines. I am retired (E8-SKCS),Logistics Specialist in the US Navy. I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration at National University, San Diego, CA.

  2. Joann Marin says

    I’m Retired Army and currently in school for a BFA. I am interested in working in the Philippines for DynCorp. I’m was born in the Philippines & would like to know what jobs are open? You may contact me through my email. Have a wonderful day!

    Joann Marin

    • LTC SULLIVAN (RET.) says

      Here I am DynCorp, a 31 year veteran

      Just retired as O5 LTC Army, as Foriegn Military Sales Chief at an American Embassy. Also Background in Logistics as Commander of Services Battery Artillery.

      BA in Mass Communication, was initially an enlisted member as a 31M Multichannel UHF / VHF Communications

      I live here in the Philippines and want to be a part of the U. S. Navy Return to Subic Bay

  3. Bruce Vaughn says

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Would DynCorp International be posting opening for this contract. Would U.S. personnel be able to apply for any of the openings? Thank You.

    Bruce Vaughn

  4. Dwayne Rivens says

    Interested to work for DynCorp.I am a retired Motor Sgt,U S Army former Instructor writer at Ft Knox Ky on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. currently HMEM Lead with Vectrus.My wife is Philinpio.

  5. Ken McClain says

    I am a Expat working Oconus, when not at work I live in Philippines, I am interested in employment with DI there in Phils, Please contact me with info….


    DynCorp Recruiter:

    January 2016

    Recruiter officer:

    Open letter back home in America:

    In 2011 I completed my contract with DynCorp. I am eligible for rehire.

  7. Richard T. Cleary says

    I am very interested in work in the Philippines and can do many of the jobs that are posted. If you need my services please contact me. In Philippines now with Philippine wife.

  8. Derek Harlin says

    Looking for work in the Philippines, I am highly skilled in aircraft painting and, aircraft advanced composite repair. I also operate several types of heavy equipment, My mechanical skill and craftsmanship is intricately top notch. I can do construction / maintenance work. I have spent about one year in the Philippines, and hold a valid passport. I drive there a lot of the time, knowing how to get around there is important. I also have a lot of connections and know how things work there. If it helps I have a home in northern Mindanao, and have driven all over the island of Luzon.This is but a small part of what I can do, If the skills I have talked about could be used please Email me thank you Derek Harlin

  9. Adam Alindogan says

    I’m open and very much interested to work in all vacant Supply facets position in the Philippines. Please email me when the company starts to hire. Thank you.

  10. Arthur Allegar says

    Will this facility run as the US Navy & Air Force facilities in Guam? For example, EM385 Safety Rules instead of the OSHA rules?

    I have been trained in EM385 by NAVFAC in Guam, along with Environmental and Terrorist reactions.

  11. Atheno Dayandante says

    if this company will run the Hanjin facilities in SUbic zambales ….i will apply for Safety Practitioner of Ship repair at ship building

  12. Arthur Allegar says

    I am a retiree from XEROX Corporation, 1994. I was stationed in Subic Bay Naval Station as the XEROX technical supervisor for the Standardization of Shipboard Reprographic Equipment, ( GS-13 equiv. , with Secret clearance. When the US left the Philippines I stayed and worked as a consultant in SE Asia. Contact – +639994350104 – Living in Subic, Zambales in house I built in 1989.

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