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DynCorp International Provides Aircraft Maintenance for C-20 Aircraft

DynCorp International serves as a subcontractor to Northrop Grumman, providing aircraft maintenance for C-20 airplanes. The planes are used to transport VIP government and military officials, and also to move cargo. The aircraft are based in five locations: Andrews AFB in Maryland, Hickham AFB and Kaneohe Bay MCAS in Hawaii, Ramstein AFB in Germany, and Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy. This program supports all three branches of the military – Air Force, Army, and Navy.

In a short video posted on DI’s YouTube page, DI technicians perform an engine change evolution on one of the aircraft. Engines are changed when they reach certain hourly use milestones.  They are carefully taken off the aircraft, then sent to the engine manufacturer for overhaul.  The evolution is designed with safety in mind and extends the life of the engine.  The engine is replaced with another engine from DI’s inventory then prepared for its next mission.

A Committed Team

Last year, DI’s C-20 team earned a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Diamond Award for Excellence.

The FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Award program is based on the commitment of maintenance technicians to improve safety by actively participating in initial and recurring training programs to further their technical knowledge. The Diamond Award is the highest corporate award, and the program includes both individual and corporate recognition.

The award recognizes completion by 100-percent of an organization’s eligible maintenance technicians of specialized, continuous training in aircraft systems, regulations and FAA rules over a 12-month period. In addition to the Diamond Award, which is presented to the company, each mechanic receives an Aviation Maintenance Technician award based on the number of training hours logged.

“Truly a team effort, the FAA Diamond Award means a great deal to the program team,” Duane Carr, C-20 program manager said. “It’s a means for us to invest in our employees and demonstrate our dedication and commitment to providing highly trained team members for our customer.”

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    i have worked in dyncorp company as a labore foreman at logcap iv afghanisthan again i would like to work in dyncorp company any where

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