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DynCorp International Provides Support Services in Egypt

Red Shirt First DynCorp Intl EgyptIn March 2012, DynCorp International was awarded a contract with the U.S. Air Force to provide support services for Department of Defense and contractor personnel in Egypt. Since then, the Egypt Personal Support Services (EPSS) program has thrived, driven by dedicated personnel that help serve today for a better tomorrow.

The EPSS program is comprised of seven American national (AN) managers and two third-country managers, along with more than 500 Egyptian national managers and staff. The DI team works together to provide all daily living and working requirements for all supported personnel: housing management, facility and equipment management, vehicle maintenance, transportation management, communications and information technology, custodial and grounds services, recreation services, dining facilities, security, fire, mail, customs clearance, program management and administration, and other services.

The EPSS program management office is based in Cairo, but the team also supports two main compounds, two mini-compounds, as well as several other work locations throughout Egypt.

Improving Processes for Program Success

The DI EPSS team dedicated much of its first year utilizing best practices learned from other DI programs to identify and implement areas that could be enhanced to provide improved performance for the customer. DI’s EPSS leadership team also emphasizes the importance of operating by the DI Social Contract and embracing core values in how team members interact on and off the job.

“The people who work on this program are outstanding both in their competence and attitude. They are truly what drives the success of the program,” said Patricia Shuman, DynCorp International deputy program manager.

A Unique Program

Unlike many other government services programs, the EPSS program is unique in that it supports a variety of personnel, including contractors and military personnel and delivers a myriad of life support services.

“Egypt is a unique country to be based in with its rich cultural heritage,” said Ted Seel, program manager. “It remains a distinct entity in the Middle East, and it will continue as a pivotal regional player and vital ally in US regional policy initiatives.”

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