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RSOI: Receiving Staging and Onward Integration at KAF

Every day new members of the DynCorp International (DI) team arrive at the Kandahar Air Base (KAF) in Afghanistan.
Passengers are first lined up on the edge of the flight line for the Personnel Tracking System (PTS) scan.  The PTS is used to track and locate employees. Passengers are then sorted into several groups, usually by those returning from Rest and Recuperation (R&R) and newly hired employees.

At this point new hires meet the personnel escorts from the Receiving Staging and Onward Integration (RSOI) team.  Personnel and baggage are then transported to the transient housing facilities located within the Receiving Staging and Onward Integration (RSOI).

Jim DeLony, LOGCAP IV Project Manager, then addresses all new team members at the New Hire Welcome briefing. DeLony’s comments usually focus on the purpose for the LOGCAP program – to take care of the deployed soldiers in every way they can.

“Respectively Serving Others with Integrity” is the RSOI motto.  The RSOI team’s mission is to take care of new employees until they are either turned over to their Functional Area Managers (FAM) located on KAF or transported to the DynAir terminal, DynCorp International’s  intra-theater airline.

Heather Bard, Sr. Logistics Coordinator, shared her recent experience with RSOI.

“I arrived in KAF during the last week of August 2011.  Soon after arrival, I attended the New Hire Welcome briefing that covered various health and safety measures relating to our stay in the RSOI.  Towards the end of the briefing, our Project Manager, Jim DeLony, said a few inspirational words to welcome us to DI,” said Bard.

“Afterwards the RSOI escorts shared their experiences and gave us tips on what to expect while living and working in Afghanistan. Overall, the receiving process was smooth and straightforward and the RSOI team worked hard to make it a positive experience.”

Christine Garrison, LOGCAP IV Escort Laborer, works at the RSOI assisting with New Hires. Christine is responsible for meeting New Hires at the flight line, assisting in the badging process, new hire orientations and escorting personnel to the Post Exchange (PX) and barber shop.

However, Garrison is just one of many team members that goes above the traditional duties and embraces DI’s core values by assisting with other actions involving escorts, coordination activities, bus driver R&R’s, financial reports, turnover ratio reports, justifications and even making event flyers.

There is a common phrase many people use when describing the RSOI, “It’s getting better and better.”  DI team members working together to accomplish their mission – that is the key to continuing success in the RSOI.

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