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DynCorp International: The Perfect Fit for Returning Veterans

Wounded in Iraq, Clinton Barkley returned home wondering, “Now what?” He found the ideal next step, and a warm welcome, at DynCorp International.

Barkley represents the thousands of men and women who, having served their country in Iraq or Afghanistan, return home wondering how they will fit in and where they will find meaningful work – not just a job, a purpose.

Service as a Marine

Barkley knew from childhood that he wanted to join the U.S. Marine Corps and he joined immediately after graduating from high school. He was drawn to the travel and adventure and of course, to serve his country.

A week before boot camp graduation, the unexpected happened – the September 11, 2001 attacks occurred. He was immediately compelled to do whatever he could to serve his country, eventually serving two tours in Iraq; he was wounded during the second.

Supporting the Mission with DynCorp International

Today, as senior operations coordinator supporting the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) in Afghanistan, he is a valued member of the DI team. His skills and experience are a perfect fit for the program’s requirements and DI is a company where he can build a career.

More than 65 percent of DI employees have served for some period of time in our country’s armed forces and the Company’s global recruiting team actively seeks veterans who enhance the quality of service we bring our customers.

DynCorp International Values Veterans

Veterans bring technical skills, experience, and an appreciation for a values-based culture, dedication and leadership that help secure a better tomorrow. Most importantly, their values are consistent with DI’s – We Serve, We Care, We Empower, We Perform, We Do the Right Thing.

Barkley’s personal journey is compelling. In a brief video interview, he discusses his service as a Marine Corporal, his passion to continue to support the U.S. mission and the dedicated employees at DynCorp International who are engaged worldwide in important and meaningful work, and how they are united with a higher purpose of serving today for a better tomorrow.

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    If you look at the page, there are some black bars for different groups of jobs that have already been narrowed down into certain categories. You should start by looking first at the categories under either U.S. Persons or Foreign Persons, whichever you fall under. Then you would want to look at both jobs with DI and with DIFZ. It’s a little tricky to describe why jobs fall into either of those categories but if you search both you’ll be able to see all the openings and then apply through there.

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