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Michael Vane, Group Vice President, Training & Intelligence Solutions, DynCorp International Featured on Secure Freedom Radio

Michael Vane, DynCorp International group vice president for Training & Intelligence Solutions, was featured on The Frank Gaffney Show on Secure Freedom Radio, where he discussed the role of contractors in U.S. defense, diplomacy and development efforts.

Described as the “unsung heroes” of U.S. operations overseas, contractor personnel serve the U.S. mission alongside military personnel in oftentimes austere environments.

“We  have extremely courageous employees who serve at the direction of their government and nearly each and every one of those people has a sense of purpose greater than themselves,” commented Vane.

DynCorp International Training & Intelligence Solutions Capabilities

In light of recent public debate about the importance of U.S. access to intelligence in certain areas of the world, such as Syria, Vane also described how DI supports the U.S. government with Training & Intelligence Solutions.

“A couple of key capabilities that we at DynCorp provide to the government that are very ‘apropos’ in such a set of circumstances are document exploitation, the analysis of open source and other kinds of documents, as well as an increasingly important area called cultural intelligence,” Vane added.

Vane also generally spoke about some of the important training and mentoring work DynCorp International is doing in Afghanistan.

“In conjunction with our government customer and many of their activities, we have been providing training and mentoring support in six principal areas through two big categories, which are the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior. Each one of those has three separate subcategories from initial institutional training to staff training to deploying people in the field,” said Vane.

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