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Outstanding Service Personnel Keep Camp Film City in Impeccable Shape

camp film city dyncorp intlDynCorp International performs important work in Kosovo, providing base support services for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces in Pristina, Kosovo. At Camp Film City, Lutfije Ramadani and Emine Hasholli’s extraordinary performance on the custodian staff keeps facilities spotless. Recently, both women were presented with certificates of appreciation for their outstanding efforts.

Two Exemplary Team Members

On February 28, Ramadani was recognized with a letter of appreciation by Colonel Jarmo Sinkkonen, Finnish Army who serves as Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff at the Joint Effects Center for Camp Film City. On March 5, Ramadani was again recognized and named as the February 2012’s Employee of the Month.

On March 3, a certificate of appreciation was presented to Hasholli by Chief of the Joint Visitors Bureau, Lieutenant Colonel Sven Schnaebelle.

Ramadani and Hasholli work diligently to not only perform their duties in a professional manner, but to bring a positive attitude to the site. Both have shown their dedication to supporting DI’s mission in Kosovo and shown time and time again that they will pitch in to do any needed task. Their efforts make Camp Film City a pleasant place to live and work.

Praise from Supervisors

In the words of deputy site manager Fatmir Beshiri, “They are both seen smiling and greeting our military and civilian clients on a routine basis. They are outstanding employees who work hard and represent our company well.”

Colonel Sinkkonen noted in his letter of appreciation for Ramadani that she “has always done excellent and accurate work with a very service-minded attitude.”

Chief of the Joint Visitors Bureau Lieutenant Colonel Schnaebelle praised Hasholli for her “dedicated service, generous assistance and contributions” in preparing for V.I.P. visitors to the facility.

Background on DCH

DCH, a wholly-owned DI subsidiary formed in 2007, furnishes all labor, services and materials necessary to operate, maintain, repair and alter of facilities and related systems and equipment located at HQ KFOR Main on Film City in Pristina, Kosovo and sub-sites located throughout Kosovo.

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