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DynCorp International Provides Specialized Leadership Training in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

classroom training dyncorp intlAs part of a task order under the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of African Affairs’ Africa Peacekeeping (AFRICAP) program, DynCorp International provides leadership training to the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC).

DI’s Training professionals developed a specialized Civil Military Operations Training course designed to educate FARDC members on conflict mitigation procedures. Each course is led by four instructors – a team leader, female instructor, training specialist and a French-speaking foreign national. These teams are also augmented with three FARDC assistant instructors and train 20-30 students at a time.

Trainees are selected and vetted members of the FARDC from different areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The course begins with classroom instruction, utilizing French and other local language handbooks. FARDC personnel are then able to apply their knowledge through in-the-field training. Local villagers are hired to participate as actors, and are given in field training dyncorp intlscripts from the training staff to act out realistic situations in need of conflict mitigation. Course topics include media relations, Civil Military Operations methodology, human rights training, conflict resolution, peace building, stability operations and assessing community needs. After successfully completing the course, graduates are given a Civil Military Operations Training certificate and a pin to wear on their uniforms as they return to their home units. Through this program, DI has trained more than 1,800 FARDC personnel to include close to 100 female members.

“Our exceptional team of trainers, which includes French-speaking foreign nationals and female trainers, are proud to be able to help advance the FARDC through CMO training,” said Jeffrey Rodriguez, DynCorp International program director.

DynCorp International and AFRICAP

AFRICAP helps African countries conduct peacekeeping operations and build capacity for crisis management and counterterrorism.  DI won the original iteration of this indefinite delivery, indefinite quality (ID/IQ) contract, previously called Africa Peacekeeping, in 2003.

In April 2011, was awarded a task order to provide basic leadership training in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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