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DynCorp International Support Provided to Department of State Mentioned in Florida Today

The support that DynCorp International provides the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Office of Aviation (INL/A, also known as the INL Air Wing program) was recently mentioned in Florida Today.

DI team members working in Patrick Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach, Fla., in the INL Air Wing program are currently instructing Air Force pilots that are headed to Afghanistan to help train and build the Afghan air force.

According to the article, Paul O’Sullivan Jr., deputy director of the Department of State Air Wing at Patrick Air Force Base commented, “We were really happy when the Air Force said, ‘Can we use your guys?’. We’re happy to be able to help them.”

The article quoted Air Force Major Earl Burress, a pilot from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, who recently completed the two-week classroom portion of the training.

“I think that the air adviser’s mission is a very important mission,” Burress said. “It will not only potentially save American lives but provide valuable training for the Afghans.”

The DI Training Team

The DI team, comprised of four pilots, two loadmasters and two maintenance instructors, will be training the pilots and technicians in C-27 twin engine cargo planes in the six to eight week program.

The goal of the program overall is to have enough Afghan pilots trained and flying transport missions in the C-27 aircraft by the time the United States withdraws from Afghanistan.

C-27 Aircraft

The C-27 was selected by the Department of Defense in 2007 to fulfill Army and Air Force requirements for a medium-lift, intra-theater airlift aircraft. The primary mission of the C-27 is to deliver time sensitive/mission critical supplies the “last tactical mile” and the aircraft is perfectly suited to delivering cargo and supplies to forward tactical units in remote, austere locations and land or take off from short unimproved runways that are not accessible by other means.

DynCorp International’s Air Operations Business

DI’s work at Patrick Air Force Base falls under its Air Operations business, which provides extensive specialty aviation support for efforts to reduce the flow of illicit drugs, strengthen law enforcement and support host nations.

On a daily basis, FAA-screened and certified professionals execute critical missions across the globe. Supported by experienced pilots, mechanics and technicians – employing best-practices on the latest in equipment and technologies – each mission is carried out with maximum effectiveness and security.

Visit our website for more information on DynCorp International’s Air Operations business.

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