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DynCorp International Supports Firefighting Efforts in Colorado

DynCorp International recently donated $2,500 to the Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado to support the firefighters and those affected by the Black Forest and Canon City wildfires.

“This cause is near and dear to us as our own team members have helped fight wild land fires,” said Jeffrey Cavarra, DynCorp International program manager, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, (CAL FIRE). “We know firsthand how hard those firefighters are working and we are happy to help in any way we can.”

Thousands of Colorado citizens have been forced to evacuate their homes as the fires continue to spread. Dozens of homes have been destroyed leaving many displaced and in need of food, shelter and other essential items. For more information on donating to the Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado, visit

Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado

Care and Share was established more than 35 years ago by Franciscan Sister Dominique Pisciotta as a referral agency to coordinate food distribution in the Southern Colorado area. The organization continued to evolve and grew from a simple clearinghouse for food distribution to a complex telephone referral service and food bank administrator.

Care and Share is now a member of the Feeding America network and focuses mainly on food distribution. In addition to providing food resources, Feeding America serves as a resource for professional development and networking opportunities, as well as coordinating efforts for product donations and distribution in disaster situations.

DynCorp International and the CAL FIRE Program

DynCorp International has worked with CAL FIRE since 2001 helping suppress and control wild land fires in California.

As part of the program, DI flies and maintains Grumman S-2T fire retardant air tankers and OV-10A aircraft, and fully maintains and services civilian UH-1H Super Huey helicopters flown by CAL FIRE pilots. Operating from across California, aircraft can reach most fires within 20 minutes. The OV-10A aircraft fly over fires, directing the air tankers and helicopters to critical areas for retardant and water drops. The retardant used to slow or retard the spread of a fire is a slurry mix consisting of a chemical salt compound, water, clay or a gum-thickening agent, and a coloring agent.

While both airtankers and helicopters are equipped to carry fire retardant or water, the helicopters can also transport firefighters, equipment and injured personnel. All CAL FIRE Aircraft are strategically located throughout the state at airbases and helicopter bases. During high fire activity, CAL FIRE may move aircraft to better provide statewide air support.

The department’s firefighters, fire engines, and aircraft respond to an average of more than 5,600 wildland fires each year. Those fires burn more than 172,000 acres annually.

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