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DynCorp International Supports Firefighting Equipment at Solomons, Md.

The DynCorp International team at Solomons, Md., is helping upgrade a P-25 shipboard fire truck, a self-propelled vehicle designed for flight-deck use, at the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Readiness Center. DI team members are working hand-in-hand with Fleet Readiness Center — Aviation Support Equipment personnel and Naval Air Systems Command’s (NAVAIR) Common Aviation Support Equipment Program Office (PMA-260).

Upgrades include more powerful engines and pumps as part of the Conversion in Lieu of Procurement (CILOP), where existing equipment is refurbished with new parts as opposed to building a new vehicle, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings.

“It saves the Navy time and money,” said Paul Scatko, project lead engineer. “We don’t have to procure a whole new truck and it is a lot less expensive to just revamp the one we have.”

The upgraded fire truck will be used on aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships and will play an essential role in keeping flight operations on schedule in the case a fire occurs on board a flight deck.

DynCorp International Support at Solomons

“We have done the depot overhaul on these units for many years,” said Tony Garcia, DynCorp International project manager. “Now we are working with the engineers to build and validate the new design during the CILOP.”

“We have performed CILOP on various pieces of equipment for the Navy and we are proud of the variety of support services we are able to provide at Solomons Island,” Garcia continued.

DI was awarded a new task order under the Contract Field Teams (CFT) program to continue providing support at Solomons in November 2013. Under this task order, DI team members provide depot maintenance, repair, modification, and logistical support for military aviation support equipment.

The Solomons, Md. facility is also the management headquarters for nine other work sites throughout the United States where other teams perform the same type of work under this task order. Customers supported by this facility include US Navy and Marine Corps Air Stations and Aircraft capable ships in the US Naval Fleet.  The Solomons, Md. facility is an Annex of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station.

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  1. lindbergh wesley says

    Good to see the P-25 being revamped. As a retired ABH (Flight deck Yellowshirt) I’ve used this firetruck in training during flightdeck drills and actual mishaps.NAVAIR CV NATOPS 80T-120 and Crash Fire rescue manuals 80R-19 80R-14 80R-14-1
    gives you all the info on procedures on flight and hangar deck firefighting.

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