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DynCorp International Supports Veterans Airlift Command

Veterans Airlift Command dyncorp intlDynCorp International team members from Pensacola, Fla., participated in a Veterans Airlift Command flight to help transport a wounded warrior from his home in Crestview, Fla., to a rehabilitation center in Key West, Fla. DI provided the aircraft, flying time, pilot, crew and fuel to support the flight.

The DI team volunteered their free time to fly the wounded warrior and his family on the two hour trip, free of charge to their family. The flight was arranged in coordination with the Task Force Dagger Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports soldiers and families of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Task Force Dagger sponsored a special week-long therapeutic dive trip for the wounded warrior and his family.

“By partnering with Veterans Airlift Command, we are able to provide air transport to wounded warriors travelling for medical or other reasons who might not be able to travel due to various circumstances,” said Eric Huppert, DynCorp International senior program director. “I hope we are able to support more of these flights in the future.”

Huppert learned about the Veterans Airlift Command Program during his volunteer time with the Angel Flight program.

“I saw a brochure for the Veterans Airlift Command while at an airport participating in an Angel Flight mission and thought it was a unique opportunity for DI to continue supporting U.S. veterans,” said Huppert.

“We greatly appreciate DynCorp International’s support of Veterans Airlift Command,” said Jennifer Salvati, Veterans Airlift Command operations manager. “It is not an easy task for many wounded warriors to travel commercially, so organizations such as DI can assist them by allowing them to fly comfortably, which is a way to honor them as well.”

About Veterans Airlift Command

The Veterans Airlift Command provides free air transportation to post 9/11 combat wounded soldiers and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots.

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