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DynCorp International Taji Multi-Platform Vehicle Program’s Six Month Success

Taji Team - DynCorp IntlThe first six months on DynCorp International’s (DI) Taji Multi-Platform Vehicle contract for the Iraqi Army, a lynchpin win for DynGlobal, is marked by several ahead-of-the-game accomplishments.

Through the contract, DI team members use their expertise to educate Iraqi Army maintenance personnel on proper techniques and procedures in performing vehicle maintenance and repairs at Taji, Iraq.

Some accomplishments include:

Finance. The program has submitted invoicing for $12.5 million and completed a positive program management review with the customer, U.S. Army TACOM, which resulted in a request for increased track and wheel depot operations with the potential for future contract opportunities if all the requests are approved. The team also created a list of repair parts needed for three Iraqi Army combat operation vehicle platforms, which values at more than three million dollars.

Performance. The Taji team has established site operations at ten locations and performed more than 509 joint vehicle inspections. During the mobilization phase, the team developed joint initial and final inspection check sheets for more than 19 vehicle platforms and translated the sheets to Arabic. Processes were developed for inspections, photos, storyboards and contract deliverables – the deliverables were then delivered on time or ahead of schedule.

Technology. The program established a Microsoft SharePoint site and has uploaded more than 10,000 files to date.

Safety. The Taji team established a Mosul Dam evacuation plan that allows DI to perform self-extraction when needed.

Morale. The leave schedule developed by the team allows DI personnel to take up to four weeks leave during the first year of the contract while maintaining a consistent 90 percent personnel coverage. The program held Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday celebrations as well as monthly birthday socials.

“The team has done a really great job,” said Joseph Lee, Taji program manager. “We continue to receive praise from the customer on our performance.”

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  1. Thomas Garrison says

    I was with DynCorp in 2011- 2012 over in Afghanistan. I had to come home to take care of my mother. She passed away almost 2 years now. I just wish that I could work for DynCorp again. But everytime that I apply, I never Get a response. What can I do? My passport is still good. I still have my medical records, etc… I’ve been out of work since December of last year.

    • DynCorp International says

      Thomas, while there is certainly a lot of competition for jobs, if you haven’t already, you might try tailoring your resume to include keywords from the job descriptions and see if that helps you get noticed by a recruiter.

  2. Darrell E Bowman says

    Dear Sir or Mame
    How can I become a member of this maintenance team?
    I’ve worked in Iraq in 2009-2010 as a MRAP Instructor and I also was on a mobile travel team installing fire suppression modifications and steering systems modification and I also do Quality Assurance inspections on various types of equipment and I’m also a school trained graduate Generator Technician.

  3. abdylkadir says

    I want to be part of this team and to work in iraq, the desire will work there in your staff. I greet you from the heart

  4. DynCorp International says

    To all of you looking for jobs with Taji – the careers website does not list program names within the job descriptions, but if you go to our careers page you can filter for jobs in Iraq and find them that way. The jobs on the home page are already filtered into separate categories: first, start with whether you are a U.S. Citizen or not, then look at jobs within DI as well as jobs within DIFZ. You can enter Iraq as your location to see what is available and then apply.

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