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DynCorp International Team Members Celebrate the U.S. Army’s 240th Birthday

240 army birthdayIn recognition of the great service U.S. military members have provided both to the United States and DynCorp International, a cake ceremony was held for the 240th U.S. Army Birthday at DI’s corporate offices in Virginia, Texas and Alabama.

Hundreds of DI Team Members Celebrate in Texas

Attended by a few hundred DI employees, themed cake was served after stories were told by army veterans. At the Fort Worth, Texas, office, employees heard from Garland “Ed” Holt, a Vietnam veteran and the office’s most senior army service member. He spoke about his family history with the military and his experience with serving his country.

“In the service, I always liked the celebrations like this one – it’s one of my favorite things to look back on,” said Holt, DynCorp International Supply Chain subcontracts administrator. “I want to thank DI for the recognition.”

Eric Lannen, DynCorp International senior vice president of Human Resources, led the celebrants in thanking our service members for their contributions and sacrifices.

Celebrations in Alabama and Virginia

army 240 birthday 1At DI’s Huntsville, Alabama, office, army veterans spoke about the important work DI performs maintaining aircraft for the army and recognized the founding of the U.S. Army on June 14, 1775, when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of riflemen to serve the United Colonies. DI team members discussed their families who are serving in the army and thanked those currently serving and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

“I served for 35 years myself and I’m proud of our army – the best in the world,” said Ricky Yates, DynAviation quality and safety manager. “Contractors like DI play a big part in defending our freedom, helping the army by deploying to hostile countries to maintain their aircraft. DI has a solid reputation for being the team to call when you need deployed help – DI serves just as proudly.”

Trent Dugan, Facility Security Officer at the global headquarters office, did the honors by cutting the cake at the McLean, Virginia, celebration.

“As a current member of the Armed Forces, I appreciate being able to gather with fellow Army team members at DI,” said Dugan.

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