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DynCorp International Supports the Aschiana Foundation

IMG_4872DynCorp International is proud to support the Aschiana Foundation, an organization helping to combat the growing number of working street children in Afghanistan. Today, there are an estimated 70,000 working street children in Kabul, Afghanistan, alone. These street children perform an assortment of odd-jobs, such as begging for change, washing car windshields, or collecting scrap metal.

Aschiana established Children’s Centers across the country to provide meals, health education, medical treatment, vocational training, recreational activities, schooling and other assistance to street children and their families. This support improves the quality of life for these children and enables them to reintegrate into mainstream society. Their futures become more open to returning to school to finish their education or using their vocational skills to get viable jobs, with the hope they will break out of the cycle of poverty and have a better life.

DI and Aschiana

IMG_4944DynCorp International’s senior vice president of Government Relations and Communications, John Gastright, recently visited the Children’s Center in Kabul. There, he met with Engineer Mohammad Yousef, founder and general director, who gave him a tour of the facility. During this tour, he met two children who won a recent art competition, and they presented their winning pieces to him. Gastright also visited classrooms that featured school instruction, sewing training, judo lessons and recreational soccer.

“What a remarkable organization. This foundation supported these children through the darkest days of the Russian invasion and the Taliban rule. They get no USG or Afghan Government funding at this time, so our contribution makes a huge impact,” said Gastright.

DynCorp International is also a sponsor of Aschiana’s upcoming Annual Benefit Gala taking place May 7, 2015 in Washington, DC. Rula Ghani, first lady of Afghanistan, is attending as an honored guest. The evening will be celebrating 20 years of Aschiana’s work in Afghanistan and will hold a silent auction and bazaar to benefit their efforts in helping these children.

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