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DynCorp International Named One of the Top 10 Corporations to Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

For the sixth consecutive year, DynCorp International has been recognized by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) as one of the 10 best corporations to support and partner with veteran-owned businesses.

This prestigious award, which will be the cover story for the April 2012 issue of Vetrepreneur magazine, honors corporations that most successfully employ the country’s three million-plus veteran-owned businesses as suppliers.

NaVOBA President Chris Hale describes the significance of this recognition by saying, “The Top 10 corporations that earn a spot on this exclusive list are the best in the U.S. at recognizing how well the military prepares business leaders through teaching leadership, teamwork, resolve, integrity and ingenuity.”

Partnering with Veteran Business Owners

DI knows both the importance and the value of working with veteran-owned businesses. As DynCorp International chairman and CEO Steve Gaffney stated, “Sixty-five percent of our workforce is made up of veterans and our ties with the veteran community are incredibly strong.”

Gaffney believes that the dedication and experience of veterans as employees, partners and suppliers helps provide top-level support to the company’s global initiatives of defense, diplomacy and development. Their solid experience and knowledge are invaluable assets in today’s economy.

About NaVOBA

NaVOBA is proud to support and encourage veteran business owners.

Since 2007, NaVOBA has worked to unite the more than 3 million veteran-owned businesses in the U.S. by advocating for the important issues that affect these companies. Because of NaVOBA’s efforts, the number of FORTUNE 1000 companies seeking veteran-owned suppliers has increased by over 60 percent.

At present, one of every seven veterans in the country is a business owner, which is about twice the national average, and over 160 of the world’s largest corporations use veteran-owned businesses as preferred vendors.

Valuing Veterans and their Service

As a global government services provider delivering solutions for defense, diplomacy and international development, DynCorp International knows that good suppliers are essential to the success of its varied operations throughout the world. DI is proud to receive this award again and values the experience gained by working with veteran-owned businesses.

Visit the Inside DI blog or the DynCorp International LinkedIn page to learn more about DI’s support of veteran-owned businesses.

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