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DynCorp International Training and Mentoring: A Unique Team with Diverse Talent

DynCorp International’s training and mentoring team provides support to a variety of programs all over the world.

As part of DynCorp International’s mission to support U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives around the world, DI’s training and mentoring experts support security reform, interior infrastructure, and the development of sustainable peacekeeping solutions, especially in post-conflict areas suffering from political instability.

Job Opportunities at DynCorp International

Joining the training and mentoring team provides a unique opportunity to support and enhance existing and developing democracies on a global scale. DynCorp International job opportunities include leadership positions in training and mentoring in the U.S. and abroad, for both U.S. residents and foreign local nationals.

While many of DynCorp International’s employees are former military personnel, DI prides itself on the diverse set of skills and backgrounds that team members bring to the company in order to support our customers’ missions. DI’s diverse employee base helps make up a successful and well-rounded team.

Recent Training and Mentoring Team Contracts

In the last year, DI’s training and mentoring team sponsored a leadership development training course in Afghanistan and training programs for the Afghan National Army, in addition to creating a training plan for an Afghanistan regional hospital.

Elsewhere in the world, the training and mentoring team has supported the Haiti Stabilization Initiative through specialized law enforcement training for Haitian law enforcement officers. The training and mentoring team’s ongoing support services include developing defense and internal structure in post-conflict nations, security and law enforcement reform, criminal justice system development, and modernizing growing nations’ police and law enforcement institutions.

DynCorp International Awards

As leaders in the field of international training and mentoring services, DynCorp International partners with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to give the Military Cooperation Award. Judged by both civilian and military law enforcement members of the Civilian Law Enforcement–Military Cooperation Committee (CLEMCC), the award honors excellence in agencies that come together to improve public safety in military and civilian sectors.

Working with the Training and Mentoring Team

The training and mentoring team is comprised of leaders who specialize in developing innovative security and law enforcement solutions. Learn more about DI’s work, mission, and values by following DynCorp International on Twitter.

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