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El Salvador’s Transparency and Governance Project

DI Development, a business of DynCorp International, is working with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in El Salvador, supporting efforts to increase transparency and reduce corruption.

USAID’s Transparency and Governance Project, aims to provide technical assistance and training to the Salvadoran government, civil society and private sector by:

  • Implementing anticorruption measures;
  • Complying with international conventions against corruption; and
  • Promoting ethical values among public and private sector employees.

USAID believes that having a transparent and accountable government is one of the core pillars of a truly democratic society. According to the USAID website,  “Salvadorans still cite corruption as one of the main reasons why they do not trust their government.”

Project Activities

USAID’s current Project activities in El Salvador include:

  • Promoting Good Governance Practices – Implementing transparency, ethics and anticorruption measures to better respond to citizens’ rights and needs. The effort includes supporting the government’s ethics tribunal in implementing ethics law in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as creation of access to information law.
  • Engaging Civil Society – The National Foundation for Development (FUNDE), a local civil society organization, established a Salvadoran chapter of Transparency International, a leading international civil society organization in the worldwide fight against corruption. Additionally, youth organizations and university students are promoting the creation of a new generation of political leaders who will carry practices of accountability and transparency into the future.
  • Supporting Compliance with International Conventions – The government of El Salvador has shown its commitment to reduce corruption by signing international agreements such as the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption and the United Nations Anticorruption Convention.

Project Accomplishments

Project accomplishments in El Salvador include:

  • A newly elected vice-secretariat for transparency and anticorruption drafted a 5-year action plan to implement specific transparency initiatives within the government.
  • The Salvadorean chamber for construction adopted a USAID-funded ethics code for the construction sector and is ready to implement transparency initiatives, such as an “integrity pact,” designed to reduce corruption and increase transparency in public procurement processes.
  • The government’s ethics tribunal drafted reforms laws to improve effectiveness of investigations involving public officials without requiring receipt of an outside formal complaint. Additionally, new government employees appointed to ethics commissions received training in government, ethics law, promoting transparency, and corruption prevention.
  • A civil society alliance, Grupo Promotor, drafted an access to information bill and lobbied to get it approved.
  • The vice-secretariat for transparency and civil society organizations submitted official and shadow reports on compliance with the Organization of American States.

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